Why Choose The Avera Breast Center
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Why Choose Avera Breast Center

Comprehensive breast care – it’s happening now at Avera Breast Center locations across the Upper Midwest.

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. This makes screening and early detection important to all women. Choose Avera Breast Center for the latest and most comprehensive screening and treatment technology.

Advanced Screening Technology

Take advantage Avera’s screening services:

  • Avera High-Risk Breast Cancer Prevention Clinic creates prevention and screening plans based on your personal risk factors in order to catch cancer earlier.
  • 3-D mammography provides hundreds of views of your breast for earlier diagnosis.
  • Digital mammography detects changes in the breast that may indicate early signs of cancer too small or subtle to be felt by self-exams.

If your mammography results are inconclusive, rely on our effective diagnostic testing options to provide the additional insight you need.

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Treatment

Most often, an abnormal mammogram turns out to be noncancerous. If you do receive a breast cancer diagnosis, you can count on the remarkable, innovative and complete treatment options at Avera Cancer Institute locations.

  • Breast Cancer Consult Clinic offers a second, third and fourth opinion – all in one visit. You can meet with a breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and other specialists during one appointment to discuss treatment options.
  • Radiation therapy provides options with fewer treatments such as electron-based intraoperative radiation therapy — a treatment available in the region only at Avera. Learn more about the requirements and benefits of our IORT research study.
  • Breast surgery and reconstruction plans help you look and feel your best.
  • Integrative medicine therapies, such as acupuncture and aromatherapy, can reduce side effects or symptoms.
  • Navigation Center provides answers and support from expert oncology social work and nurse navigators available 24/7.
  • Breast navigators work with you from day one to guide you through the process of diagnosis, treatment and survival.
  • Genomic medicine testing provides vital information to pinpoint the treatment that will work best for you. Learn more about the requirements and benefits of our Genomic Clinical Trial.

In addition, you’ll benefit from access to a wide variety of breast cancer support services and clinical trials.

Discover more about the remarkable breast cancer services happening at Avera.

Schedule Your Mammogram

Find an Avera mammography location near you to schedule your appointment. At some Avera locations, you may be able to schedule your mammogram appointment online or take advantage of our mobile mammography services at an outreach site close to home.

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24/7 Cancer Support

If you live within the Avera region, you can get the support you need 24/7 and find answers to your cancer-related questions or concerns. Call or email the Avera Cancer Institute Navigation Center today.


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