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Meet the Avera Think Pink Ladies

A group of breast cancer survivors wanted to share their feelings about living after cancer, treatment and the support that friends and family provide.

They also share their thoughts on the Avera Race and why they think it is important in the ongoing fight against breast cancer. Learn more about these inspirational survivors below.

Nomination Process

Know of a courageous breast cancer survivor with spirit? Every year, the Avera McKennan Foundation elects new survivors to join this growing group. Please use the nomination form below to be considered or for additional information on nomination deadlines and process, duties and responsibilities and to submit.

Pink Lady Nomination Form

avera footprint for cancer care

24/7 Cancer Support

If you live within the Avera region, you can get the support you need 24/7 and find answers to your cancer-related questions or concerns. Call or email the Avera Cancer Institute Navigation Center today.


Avera Cancer Institute Magazine

avera cancer institute magazine coverStay on top of cancer-related developments by reading the latest issue of our Avera Cancer Institute magazine.

Cancer Survivorship

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