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Gynecologic Cancer

An estimated 88,000 new cases of gynecologic cancer are diagnosed each year nationwide, including cancer of the ovary, cervix, uterus, fallopian tube, endometrium, vulva, vagina and perineum. This comprises about 11 percent of all cancer in women. Avera’s gynecologic oncology program offers the latest treatment options and personalized plans of care for the best possible outcomes.

Specific Gynecologic Cancers

Read symptom, diagnosis and treatment information about specific gynecologic cancers:

Survivorship Care for Gynecologic Oncology Patients

When a woman completes her treatment regimen an appointment dedicated to her transition out of treatment is scheduled. Patients have a one-on-one connection with their social worker and nurse practitioner who cover social, emotional and safety concerns, provide support resources, and discuss the future follow-up plan of care.