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At Avera Cancer Institute, our experienced team of medical oncologists provides care when chemotherapy is recommended as part of a patient’s individualized care plan. Avera medical oncologists stay on the cutting-edge of medical science with evidence-based protocols for chemotherapy treatments. In certain cases, genetics study and tumor typing help oncologists offer targeted therapies and individualized regimens.

For patient ease, chemotherapy is offered at our six major locations and many outreach locations. The Avera Cancer Institute Sioux Falls is one of very few cancer centers nationwide that offers patients the choice of settings in which to receive chemotherapy. The majority of the 52 infusion suites in Sioux Falls are private, which can be made to be semi-private by opening sliding doors. Others are living room size. Patients have the choice of being alone or with one or two loved ones, in the company of the patient “next door,” or with a larger group.

Infusion suites in Sioux Falls feature a custom-built chair to enhance patient comfort as well as staff efficiency. Special features of this chair include built-in heat, varied headrests, a foot rest, reclining position, a side table, arm supports and a lift to help nurses more easily reach the patient during care.