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IntraOperative Electron Radiation Therapy (IOeRT)

The future of breast cancer treatment

IntraOperative Electron Radiation Therapy (IOeRT) is a one of a kind service in the region. IOeRT is the administration of radiation while a patient is undergoing cancer surgery. The radiation is delivered as part of the surgical procedure directly to any tumor bed, while the surrounding skin is moved aside.

Mobetron team

IOeRT does the following:

  • Provides direct visualization of the area where the tumor was removed allowing precise treatment to the tumor bed
  • Treats the area of highest risk
  • Eliminates damage to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Shortens breast radiation treatment time by 50% or three weeks
  • Brings together the best in radiation and surgical oncology-physician guided treatment

Patient Benefits

Immediate Results

IOeRT delivers an electron based radiation treatment in minutes in the operating room, during surgery. This immediate treatment to the tumor bed kills cancer cells before they have a chance to spread.

Shorter Treatment Cycle

IOeRT Shortens post-operative radiation therapy treatment time by 50% reducing the stress of daily transportation to and from the radiation treatment center.

Side Effects

Because electron radiation is delivered directly to the affected tissue during surgery, it allows the radiation oncologist the ability to radiate the tumor bed directly. European trials using IOeRT in early stage breast cancer patients reveal reduction in skin toxicity.

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