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Complete Provenge® Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Treating Prostate Cancer with Breakthrough Technology and Personalized Care

The Avera Cancer Institute Sioux Falls now is approved to offer complete PROVENGE® therapy for men living with advanced prostate cancer. The Avera Cancer Institute Sioux Falls is the only site in the region to offer the complete therapy process, which includes the collection and reinfusion of a patient’s cells used to identify and attack prostate cancer cells. PROVENGE® works differently from traditional hormone therapy or chemotherapy, providing increased longevity with fewer side effects.

Who can use Provenge® and what are the benefits?

Who Qualifies for this Treatment?

  • Men with prostate cancer that has spread beyond the prostate
  • Men with cancer that is resistant to hormonal treatment
  • Patients who are free of severe pain or symptoms due to prostate cancer

Benefits of this Treatment

  • This treatment offers a four-month survival advantage, on average
  • Minimal side effects or risk
  • While PROVENGE does not cure prostate cancer, it slows the disease process without the harsher side effects of chemotherapy
  • Helps men with advanced prostate cancer maintain a higher quality of life

Dr. Mark Huber, Medical Oncologist

Dr. Mark Huber, medical oncologist with Avera Medical Group Oncology and Hematology, said “Provenge has a proven survival benefit with few side effects.”

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Provenge doctors

What makes Provenge® different?

The body’s immune system works to defend against infection and disease, but sometimes cancer cells can “hide” from the immune system.

Each dose of Provenge® is completely personalized to consist of the individual’s own immune cells that have been activated to identify and attack prostate cancer cells. It is the first in a new class of therapy to use this approach.

Treatment involves three infusion cycles, each given two weeks apart.  Following treatment, doctors monitor a patient’s progress.