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Emergency and Trauma Services

Emergencies happen without warning, but at Avera you're in good hands. Avera offers the most expansive network of emergency departments in the region with an innovative eEmergency system that ensures patients receive experienced emergency care anytime, anywhere.

When to Seek After-Hours Care and When to Visit the ER

Call 911 immediately if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

When to visit the ER

  • Chest pain (Call 911)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Severe burns
  • Electrical shock
  • Complications from pregnancy
  • Altered mental state
  • Fever in infants
  • High fever in adults
  • Severe vomiting
  • Seizure
  • Poison ingestion
  • Amputation of finger or extremity
  • Unconsciousness
  • Major head injury
  • Broken bones

When to seek after-hours/weekend care

  • To repair a minor cut
  • Mild abdominal pain
  • If unable to see your primary care physician that same day for an illness
  • An ailment that needs immediate attention but is not life threatening
  • Minor burns or skin irritations
  • Injury from falls
  • Suspected fractures of the arms or legs
  • Sprains or strains
  • Mild to moderate asthma attacks
  • Upper respiratory illness such as cold or flu symptoms
  • Ear infections
  • Symptoms of illness such as sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
  • Urinary tract infection

Find after-hours and weekend care locations.

Read Dr. Eich's blog post about choosing after-hours care vs. the emergency room.

eEmergency Technology

85 eEmergency sites in a seven-state region link local providers to specialists 24/7, providing face-to-face, hands-free access to additional resources with a click of a button.

Read more about eEmergency.

Careflight Transport

A fleet of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, with trained emergency personnel aboard, provide an "ICU with wings" when swift transfer is necessary.

Read more about Careflight in
Aberdeen or Sioux Falls.

Connected Emergency Care with Avera

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic technology and emergency trained physicians
  • A network of more than 900 physicians and advanced practice providers covering 60 specialties
  • 32 emergency departments in a six-state region
  • The Avera Heart Hospital, just off Interstate 29 in Sioux Falls, the region's first nationally accredited chest pain center with an Emergency Department equipped to treat any emergency, heart-related or not
  • Avera's emergency medical training programs in Aberdeen and Sioux Falls help ensure a high level of care from the very beginning

Find an ER Location Near You

view an interactive ER location map

View an interactive ER location map and find directions to the Avera emergency room nearest you.

Making the Call: Emergency vs. After-Hours Care

Dr. Shari Eich, Pediatrician, provides tips on when it’s best to seek emergency care versus after-hours care for your child.

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