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Your health is a lifestyle filled with decisions every single day. Pizza or salad? Sleep or TV? Stairs or elevator? Water or soda?

We want to remind you why those decisions are so important: family, friends and life’s little pleasures. It’s early-morning dog walks and summers at the lake. It’s playing with your kids and enjoying dinner with your spouse.

To make all that possible, you have to make health a priority beyond getting your yearly checkup and screenings. You have to make a decision every day to live better and live balanced. Besides, the view is much better from the stairs than the elevator.

Find Care Conditions Wellness

Find Care

With more than 200 clinics and 33 hospitals across five states, coupled with our extensive telehealth services, care through Avera Medical Group is never far away.

Find Solutions

Understanding and managing your health and chronic conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol are key to long-term wellness.

Find Balance

Living a healthy lifestyle can help you enjoy all life has to offer. We have tips and information to help make it happen.