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Nephrology and Dialysis

Nephrology involves the treatment of diseases and conditions that have to do with your kidneys. Avera’s specialists provide a full range of services including comprehensive evaluations of kidney stones, kidney disease and other disorders that can lead to complications with your kidneys.

Dialysis Services

Wagner Dialysis Services Available in March

Avera Dialysis will provide services at End Village Dialysis Center located in Wagner, SD.

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If you experience renal failure, dialysis does your kidneys’ job. Regular dialysis sessions—typically delivered on an outpatient basis—assure you of effective care and help you live better with the condition. Make your outpatient dialysis sessions more comfortable and convenient by getting treatment at Avera facilities across the Upper Midwest.

Advanced Technology & Personalized Care

When you visit one of our dialysis locations, you benefit from:

  • Sophisticated dialysis machines that protect your health and safety and help ensure your treatments go smoothly
  • Technology that noninvasively and continuously measures the levels of red blood cells and oxygen—as well as the temperature of dialysis fluids
  • Continuous monitoring so your caregivers can adjust treatment during the process, reduce the potential for side effects such as blood pressure fluctuations, and deliver timely, personalized care
  • Multiple dialysis stations, which make it more likely you can reserve a spot at the time you want to come for treatment
  • Educational programs designed to support effective kidney and dialysis care for you and your family

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Access to Related & Specialized Services

Depending on the Avera location, you may also gain access to:

  • Same-day lab results
  • Onsite medical tests
  • Patient advocates who can help you understand your insurance plan and communicate with your insurance provider
  • Onsite kidney specialists
  • Home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis training and support
  • Prescription tracking, free prescription mail delivery or in-person delivery, an onsite pharmacy with co-pays that match retail pharmacies, and phone calls reminding you to refill your prescriptions

Choose an Avera regional hospital for specialized dialysis services, such as:

  • Acute inpatient hemodialysis
  • Acute bedside hemodialysis within our intensive care units (ICU)
  • Outpatient hemodialysis for teens and adults

Location-Specific Amenities for Your Comfort

Among amenities offered for your comfort at Avera dialysis facilities are:

  • Blanket warmers
  • Specialized chairs with heat and massage
  • Electrical outlets for your mobile devices
  • Soothing natural light
  • Access to hospital cafeterias
  • Convenient parking and more

Top-Quality Dialysis Treatment

Select Avera for dialysis and you can feel confident about receiving high-quality care. All our sites meet or exceed national standards for kidney dialysis. In addition, Medicare honored our facilities in Aberdeen, Brookings and Yankton with five out of five stars, meaning their patient outcomes rank in the top 10 percent of dialysis facilities nationwide.

Multidisciplinary Dialysis Team

You’ll get well-rounded care from an Avera team that helps you and your family understand, manage and cope with your condition. Your team may include professionals such as:

Dr. Santella and patientAvera Offers A to Z Care

Fred Manfred of Luverne, Minn., has been in kidney failure for the past 33 years, and dialysis is his only option for life-sustaining treatment. He travels to Sioux Falls for dialysis three days a week, spending up to four hours hooked to a dialysis machine. Because dialysis is such a big part of his life, the decision of where he receives that care is an important one.

For several reasons, Manfred chose Avera. He is a patient of Dr. Robert Santella of Avera Medical Group Nephrology Sioux Falls. "First of all, I knew my physician would be in the same building, just two floors down, if I ever had any problem. That was very important to me. Also, Avera offers all the medical services I might need, A to Z, on one campus. I often have doctor appointments after dialysis, so all I need to do is get in the elevator and go down two floors."

He appreciates the extra touches that Avera is putting into its new dialysis center, all with the patient in mind. This includes a specially designed chair with heat and massage that Fred helped select.

He also looks forward to the center’s design, which includes plenty of windows. "The entire south wall will be windows. Because I spend so many hours in a dialysis center, daylight is very important to me. These seem like little things, but to dialysis patients, they mean a lot."

Choose Avera for Dialysis Care

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