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Hands, Wrists, Elbows

You rely on your hands, wrists and elbows for almost everything you do. If they feel stiff, weak or painful, Avera’s orthopedic specialists can help you restore function and prevent further injury.

Conditions We Treat

Pain in any part of your forearm can result from repetitive movements; a fall, blow or impact; or wear and tear that happen as you age. Turn to Avera for a diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, including:

Track Your Symptoms

Before your appointment at Avera, keep a record of when you experience certain symptoms. Bring the information to your provider’s office to help ensure you get an accurate diagnosis.

Comprehensive Treatment

Whenever possible, your personalized treatment plan will begin with conservative, nonsurgical measures such as:

If conservative treatments don’t help you enough, choose Avera for expert orthopedic surgery, including specialized hand surgery.

Find an Orthopedic Doctor Near You

Get the effective care you need for your bones, joints and muscles from the orthopedic specialists at Avera.

Joint Relief Tips

9 Tipes for Better Joint Relief

Looking for joint relief? Our infographic will show you some steps you can take.

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