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Hip Replacement

As two of your body’s most important joints, the hips bear your weight and let you run, walk and jump. But if persistent hip discomfort keeps you from enjoying daily activities, ask one of Avera’s experienced orthopedic surgeons about hip replacement surgery.

Is Hip Replacement Right for Me?

You may benefit from a hip replacement if nonsurgical treatments haven’t relieved ongoing pain or stiffness that results from conditions such as:

What to Expect From Surgery

During hip replacement surgery, a board-certified Avera surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone and then implants an artificial ball and socket to create a new joint. Your surgeon may reduce postoperative pain and recovery time by:

  • Performing mini hip replacement, which requires only a small incision
  • Using the anterior approach, which accesses your hip from the front and affects fewer muscles than the traditional backside approach

You might receive general anesthesia to make you sleep during the procedure, or you may get a local anesthetic that prevents pain while letting you stay awake. The procedure lasts up to three hours.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Following surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation providers help you minimize scar tissue formation and increase your new hip’s mobility. You may be able to begin therapy in Joint Camp. This inpatient group program offers peer support and encouragement, teach you how to care for yourself at home and help speed your healing.

No matter where you get physical therapy, follow your rehabilitation plan carefully to get the most long-term benefit from your new joint. Expect full recovery to take three months to a year.

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Joint Relief Tips

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