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Shoulder Replacement

If shoulder pain limits your daily activities or prevents a good night’s sleep, shoulder replacement at one of Avera’s regional locations can offer lasting relief.

Will Shoulder Replacement Help Me?

You may benefit from shoulder replacement if other treatments haven’t relieved chronic pain or stiffness due to conditions such as:

Types of Shoulder Replacement

Your Avera surgeon will collaborate with you to identify the type of shoulder replacement procedure that meets your needs:

  • Total shoulder replacement – Exchanges the ball and socket of your joint for prostheses
  • Hemiarthroplasty – Replaces only the ball of a joint whose socket is normal
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement – Switches the location of the ball and socket in a shoulder with a irreparable torn rotator cuff

Recovery & Rehabilitation

After surgery, participate in physical therapy and rehabilitation to minimize scar tissue formation and improve your shoulder’s mobility. Follow your rehabilitation plan carefully to get the most long-term benefit from your new joint.

Find an Orthopedic Doctor Near You

Get the effective care you need for your bones, joints and muscles from the orthopedic specialists at Avera.

Joint Relief Tips

9 Tipes for Better Joint Relief

Looking for joint relief? Our infographic will show you some steps you can take.

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