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Orthopedic Care at Avera

Growing up, we take our bones for granted. Small bouts of pain come and go quickly, and we usually know why we have it. As we get older, however, pain can be caused by underlying conditions or everyday wear and tear. Such pain can interrupt our daily tasks and diminish our overall quality of life.

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Avera offers complete orthopedic care provided by a network of specialized physicians. Whether your condition requires physical therapy, surgery or simply rest, we treat your needs through personalized and direct care.

Total Joint Care Podiatry Sports Medicine

Total Joint Replacement


Sports Medicine

Walk-In Orthopedic Injury Clinic

Urgent CareAvera Orthopedics have physicians readily available to tend to your immediate orthopedic needs using the latest treatment techniques.

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No appointment necessary at these locations. 

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Orthopedic Services MapUse our interactive orthopedic location map to find directions to the Avera orthopedic clinic nearest you.