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Comprehensive Weight Management

Reaching a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It improves overall health, helps you feel good and gives you the energy to enjoy life. Whether you’d like to lose 5, 10 or 40 pounds — or just want to eat healthier — achieve your goals with the expertise and encouragement of Avera professionals across the Upper Midwest.

You’ll discover the motivation and support you need with our holistic, personalized approach to weight loss. Treat the whole you – not just your weight – by addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of weight loss.

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Comprehensive Weight Loss Services

Find underlying causes of weight difficulties and guidance to the weight management path that’s right for you when you take advantage of the Comprehensive Weight Management Program at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen, SD.

Benefit from supervised weight loss – with or without weight loss medications and surgical weight loss options. You’ll develop and implement a personalized weight loss plan under the guidance of:

  • Board-certified physicians oversee your progress.
  • Registered dietitians look at your health history and create a personalized meal plan focusing on food choices, balance, portion control and behavior modification.
  • Behavioral health providers use cognitive behavioral therapy to discuss issues that keep you from meeting your goals, focusing on things like mindfulness, structuring and scheduling your day and think traps.
  • Physical therapists work with you to address physical stress you may be experiencing that limits regular exercise and movement to stay healthy. They’ll also create a customized exercise program for you.

Discover healthy recipes and nutrition facts in our health library.

Medical Weight Loss

Discover a new, healthier you with our Medical Weight Loss program at Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center in Marshall, MN. Receive the guidance and encouragement you need to make lifestyle changes to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.

You’ll begin with a series of four appointments, including sessions with a certified nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, clinical psychologist and exercise physiologist.

Discover a Healthier You

Take advantage of the benefits you’ll receive with our comprehensive weight loss services:

  • Receive a medical assessment and treatment of medical conditions
  • Change your habits to improve overall health
  • Lose weight safely under the care of qualified, compassionate medical providers
  • Address the medical, physical, nutritional, behavioral, mental and emotional factors that contribute to weight loss with our team approach to care
  • Succeed in reaching your weight loss goals with personalized diet and exercise programs
  • Control serious health concerns associated with being overweight, including heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc.
  • Realize a new you! After losing weight, many people experience improved self-esteem, mood, and confidence, in addition to physical health benefits

To start your Medical Weight loss program today, no referral is needed. Simply call 877-337-9007.

Balanced Weight Loss Program

At the Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, we understand that it takes time and determination to lose weight in a healthy way and change your habits. We’re here to help you take 12 months to set and start achieving short- and long-term goals. Our approach of using real food for real weight loss not only allows you to achieve weight loss, but also maintain the weight loss.

Just think – you could spend the next year of your life losing weight and gaining better health, rather than repeating the same old habits. We tailor your program to best suit your needs, taking into account your food preferences, current medical conditions and past experiences. You’ll learn healthy eating basics and how to track your success by working with dietitians at the Avera Heart Hospital. Call 605-977-7160 to learn more.

Start your weight-loss journey today!

Take the next step and get comprehensive, compassionate guidance to help you achieve your healthiest weight. Reach your weight loss goals with:

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