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Janet's Story


After weight loss surgery, everything in my life is better! I sleep better at night and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. That, in turn, makes everything in my day go better. I concentrate better at work and no longer have the extreme fatigue in the middle of day. I still have energy when I get home from work and don’t feel like I just want to collapse in a chair for the rest of night. I enjoy getting out with friends in the evening again, to go out for dinner, to a show, or just out to visit. Physically, my blood sugar is now normal and my blood pressure is great! I no longer have back pain and get much fewer migraines.

Janet lost 105 pounds in 14 months with roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery!

I enjoy getting out for walks, going shopping again, and working on projects in and outside my home. Instead of being a chore I normally dreaded, shopping for clothes is now fun! I love being able to fit into so many different styles of clothes. My family life is better, too. I can play with my grandson and not get tired right away. He and I can fit in the same chair to read books and snuggle. We are making precious memories for both of us. My husband says he can hug me better now. I am getting out and about doing things with my family and friends again. I am looking forward being able to travel more and really enjoy it. I now fit in a theater chair, in a bus set, and in a plane seat.

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But I think the biggest, and best, change is in the way I feel about myself. I love the way I look now. My self-esteem has improved dramatically which affects the way I now relate to other people. I am much more comfortable around others. I am less self-conscious about how I look and no longer have to worry if my size is invading someone else’s space. I feel more professional and am able to project a more professional appearance and manner.

To put it in a nutshell, weight loss surgery has given me my life back. And I love my new life!

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