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Avera St. Anthony's Hospital

300 N. 2nd Street
O'Neill, Nebraska 68763

About Avera St. Anthony's Hospital

Our Committment to You

Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the residents of North Central and Northeastern Nebraska. Working along with various community agencies, the hospital staff continues to assess the needs of our communities and strives to find solutions for a healthier population.

Mission Statement

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values. 

Our Sponsors

Benedictine Sisters Sponsorship

In February l998 the sponsorship of St. Anthony’s Hospital was transferred to the Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery, of Yankton, South Dakota. On September 1, 2000 the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton and the Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Aberdeen, South Dakota agreed to co-sponsor their health care facilities under the name of Avera Health. The name of St. Anthony’s Hospital was changed to Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital to reflect this association. 

Building Expansion

Expansion and Renovation

Most recently, Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital invested $16.1 million in a two-story addition of over 35,000 square feet. The addition brought many changes for the patients of Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital and the newly formed Avera Medical Group O’Neill. Private patient rooms offer more comfortable accommodations and heightened privacy and infection control measures. Bringing a primary care clinic on site allows for shared services between the hospital and the clinic for increased patient convenience.

The renovations allowed for increased space for Physical Therapy, including an aquatic therapy pool; a spacious new chemotherapy area; and a new Women’s Center. The Women’s Center’s Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum (LDRP) Unit is very spacious, quiet, comfortable, and separated from the main patient care area. This new environment encourages family bonding by allowing the newborn to stay in the room with the mother and father as much as possible.

In September 2002, a $5 million dollar expansion and renovation was completed adding 20,000 square feet of much needed space for the outpatient clinic, cardiac rehab, physical and occupational therapy, oncology, home health, business office, dietary and chapel. Included in this construction phase was an expansion of the surgery area to include a new surgery suite, procedure room, four post-op and a recovery area and two new Labor and Delivery Rooms.

Our Providers

Medical Staff

Currently, Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital has 10 medical staff physicians, five physician assistants, four nurse practitioners, three CRNAs, and a hospital staff of 280+ employees. This enables Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital to offer a wide range of services unequalled by hospitals of comparable size. The medical staff operates outreach clinics in the following communities - Chambers, Ewing, Page and Spencer. A general surgery outreach clinic is staffed at Atkinson and Bassett. Additionally, twenty-five Physicians from Omaha, Kearney, Grand Island and Norfolk, Nebraska and Yankton, South Dakota, and Sioux City, Iowa provide Specialty Clinic coverage.

Anesthesia Services

North Central Anesthesia Services LLC of O’Neill provide anesthesia services to Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital.

  • Wendell D. Spencer CRNA
  • Joel Schwiesow, CRNA
  • Kevin Loecker, CRNA



Through a growing telecommunications network, Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital offers educational video conferencing for medical purposes.

In October 2005 Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital began implementing a state-of-the-art eCARE program. Avera eCARE is a visionary model that provides 24-hour access to specialty care physicians and pharmacists.  Avera St. Anthony’s eCARE program is made up of eICU, ePharmacy, and eEmergency.

The eICU workstations are equipped with high-resolution cameras, phones and specially designed soft ware that lets the providers in Sioux Falls directly monitor the patient in O’Neill. The focus of the camera allows for assessment of details as small as nail-bed color, drip rates and ventilator settings.

Access to eCARE has already helped to keep some patients from having to be transferred to a larger healthcare facility, making hospitalization easier on patients and their families. The service is also completely free to the patient so there are no additional care fees.



Click on the following links to see how Avera St. Anthony's Hospital is addressing the needs of our community.

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy Report


Historically, St. Anthony’s Hospital began with the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, Denver, who opened a school for the O’Neill area in the early 1900’s. In 1950, the O’Neill community requested the Sisters of St. Francis to expand the existing Doctors Brown and French Hospital. The Sisters undertook the project and with a local fund drive, the first building was completed. On September 25, 1952, they opened St. Anthony’s Hospital.

With Hill-Burton federal funds and a second fund drive, an addition was completed in 1975 to accommodate expanding health services. In 1989, the Hospital Board was restructured and committees in finance and strategic planning were established in order to expand community involvement and the management of the hospital. Also, in 1989, a foundation was established to generate funds solely for the benefit of St. Anthony’s Hospital.

In February 1998, the sponsorship of St. Anthony’s Hospital was transferred to the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, South Dakota. The Benedictine Sisters are blessed with a rich health-care tradition that spans more than 100 years. With this tradition comes the responsibility for vigilance and innovation in caring for the sick as if he or she were Christ.

The Benedictine Sisters of Yankton and Presentation of Sisters of Aberdeen, South Dakota are Co-Sponsors of Avera Health. The name change to Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital on September 9, 1998 was a result of this association.

Core Values


The compassion of Jesus, especially for the poor and the sick of body and spirit, shapes the manner in which health care is delivered by Avera’s employees, physicians, administrators, volunteers and sponsors. Compassionate caring is expressed through sensitive listening and responding, understanding, support, patience, and healing touch.


The encounters of Jesus with each person were typified by openness and mutuality. A welcoming presence, an attentiveness to needs, a gracious manner, seasoned with a sense of humor, are expressions of hospitality in / by the Avera Health community.


Threaded through the mission of Jesus was the restoration of all the world to right relationship with its Creator. In that same spirit and mission, the members of Avera Health treat persons, organizational power and earth’s resources with justice and responsibility. Respect, truth and integrity are foundational to right relationships among those who serve, and those who are served.

Beliefs Statement

From the earliest traditions of the church to the present day, the mission of evangelization to which Jesus sent his followers has included healing as a major part. “Into whatever city you go, after they welcome you…cure the sick there. Say to them, ‘The kingdom of God is at hand.’”*

Members of the church follow the example of Jesus, therefore, when they carry out the work of healing – not only by providing care for the physically ill, but also by working to restore health and wholeness in all facets of the human person and the human community. Wholeness in the Christian perspective includes not only the physical and emotional, but also spiritual and social.*

In this spirit Avera Health pursues a special vocation to share in carrying forth God’s life-giving and healing work. In addition, the persons and institutions allied together as Avera Health share these beliefs.

  • God permeates all moments of human experience and is present to every person in health as well as sickness, in life as well as death.
  • We support life from conception to death, believing that the journey of life, including the beginning and the end, are gifts of the Creator, entrusted to us for reverent care.
  • The core values of compassion, hospitality and stewardship guide our caregivers and our service.
  • Justice and mercy demand our advocacy for the poor, the frail and the at-risk persons of our society; all persons have a right to basic health care.
  • Our management decisions and delivery of care are motivated by the health and wellness of patients, their families and communities.
  • Our employees, physicians and community partners are our most valuable resources.

Avera Health is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Sacred Heart Monastery of Yankton, South Dakota, and the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Aberdeen, South Dakota. In accord with its Catholic mission, Avera Health adheres to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Social and institutional wellness are best promoted through joined efforts of various religious and community-sponsored institutions. Choosing collaboration and empowerment enables us to be better stewards of our human, financial, technical and environmental resources.

*Pastoral letter on Health & Health Care, U.S. Catholic Bishops, 1983


Ronald Cork, President/Chief Executive Officer
Ronald Cork
President/Chief Executive Officer

Michael Garman, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Garman
Chief Financial Officer
Holly Tracy, RN
Holly Tracy, RN
Director of Nursing
Maureen Haggerty, Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement

Maureen Haggerty
Quality Assurance/ Performance Improvement

Valerie Wecker
Valerie Wecker
Director of Mission Services









Kathy Hillje 
Human Resources/Marketing

Sr. Colleen Mahony
Director of Pastoral Care