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Avera St. Anthony's Hospital

300 N. 2nd Street
O'Neill, Nebraska 68763

Avera St. Anthony's Foundation

We invite you to join the Partners in Caring program.  Through your gift, you will demonstrate your commitment to ensuring that quality health care services will be available well into the future.

Mission Statement

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

Your Donation Makes a Difference!

The Foundation has accomplished wonderful things with past donations. Purchases made possible with Foundation donations include:

  • Baby warmers
  • Heart monitoring equipment
  • Life Line units
  • Kidney dialysis machines

Gift Options

Gift of Life Insurance - $25,000.00 (Partners in Caring)

  • Your wishes will be carried out as specified.
  • Your payment is made to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation and endowed for your pre-selected purpose. 
  • When St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation is named owner and beneficiary, the premiums are tax deductible.

The two most common methods of participation in the Partners in Caring program are: (1) Charitable Gift Plan; and (2) Charitable Ownership Plan.  Each has its own merits.

  • Charitable Gift Plan: By changing the beneficiary and ownership of an existing life insurance policy and transferring the policy to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation, you can enjoy an immediate tax deduction for the cash value of the policy.
  • Charitable Ownership Plan: Under a charitable ownership plan, a new policy is purchased with St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation listed as beneficiary and owner. That is a win-win situation because you are able to leverage your gifts into a very large gift, you receive a tax deduction for premium payments and St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation will receive a wonderful future gift.

A Gift of $4,000.00

  • Initiate your endowment while you are alive so you can see the benefits Your gift provides.
  • Provides an account for future gifts.
  • Tax deductible to the limit of personal situations.

A 15-year gift of $500.00 Per Year

  • Spread your gift out by making annual or monthly payments.
  • Eectronic funds transfer/credit card – there are many ways to provide for all personal situations.
  • Gifts are tax deductible.

Life Income Arrangement 

  • Lifetime income for you.
  • Meeting personal needs as well as future needs for Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital.
  • Tax deductible as allowed by law.

Ways to Give

Types of Gifts

Gifts of stock, appreciated property, residences, summers homes, collections, automobiles, and other real property may be the most appropriate gifts depending on your personal situation.

Methods of Giving

Payroll deductions, electronic funds transfer direct from checking account, credit card gifts – St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation will provide the most convenient way for your gift to be accomplished.

Life Income Gifts

If a life income gift is something you would like to consider, the Avera Foundation staff, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, (605-322-4752), can design concepts for you to review with your financial planner or attorney.  Though the Avera Foundation staff will assist in designing a program for you, all funds will stay in O’Neill and be used by Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital.
There are several ways you can make a gift to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation.  Unrestricted gifts are the most beneficial because they can be used to meet the needs which are greatest as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors.
Gifts can also be made in the form of an endowment in which the principle is never spent; only the interest is used as determined by the Foundation Board.
The donor designates restricted gifts for specific purposes.  Areas of designation may include medical education and research, indigent patient care, scholarships for health care professionals, designated programs such as Physical Therapy or Cardiac Rehabilitation.
There is also a restricted endowment.  Here the principle is never spent but the income is used as designated by the donor.

Contact Us

Additional Information

For more information on gifts to St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation, please call or write:
Ron Cork, President/CEO
Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital
300 N. 2nd Street
O’Neill, Nebraska 68763
Tel:   (402) 336-5140
Fax:  (402) 336-5135