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December 13, 2012

Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital Joins NeHII – Nebraska Health Information Exchange


Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital recently joined hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the state as a member of the statewide health information exchange known as Nebraska Health Information Initiative, or "NeHII" (pronounced knee-high).

“NeHII will be an asset to both our patients and healthcare providers by minimizing unnecessary medical procedures and helping make safer, more informed decisions,” notes Ron Cork, the Hospital’s CEO. 

NeHII is a web-based health information exchange sponsored by Nebraska physicians, hospitals and clinics, and health insurance companies.  It provides a system to electronically display personal health and medical information securely between doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers when it is needed for patient care.

Health care providers need all of your health information to accurately diagnose and treat you. Each of your providers may have different portions of your medical record. If they can access each other's records and see more complete health information, they can provide you with better care. Sharing your health information can also help reduce your costs by eliminating unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures.

Currently, your health information may be shared between health care providers and insurers by telephone, fax, mail, or through limited computer networks. These processes take time and may impose a burden on you or your provider but still not provide a complete record. NeHII automates the process of searching. It allows one participant (for example, a doctor) to locate records from another participant (for example, a hospital) in a matter of minutes. This can be critical in an emergency and may result in your providers having a more complete and accurate health record.

Patient participation in NeHII is optional.  While NeHII would like everyone to recognize the benefits of participation, a patient may decide not to share their medical information and may opt-out of the exchange simply by contacting NeHII.  You can get help understanding NeHII and your rights by contacting your healthcare provider, by calling the NeHII Support Line at 866.978.1799 or by visiting the ‘For Consumers’ section of the NeHII website at .