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Avera St. Anthony's Hospital

300 N. 2nd Street
O'Neill, Nebraska 68763

Kidney Dialysis

The Kidney Dialysis Unit at Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital opened July 24, 2002 and is a five-station unit, staffed with professional nurses. Our Medical Director is a Board-certified Nephrologist.

Kidney Dialysis Unit The team approach to treatment

The Avera St. Anthony’s Hospital Dialysis Unit utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of renal patients. Health professionals from the following disciplines work together as a team to provide the proper care for our patients.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Dietary
  • Pastoral Care
  • Social Services
  • Psychological Services (when needed)
  • Nursing

Our dialysis units are reviewed by the Nebraska State Department of Health. 

At our dialysis unit, we make every effort to provide services to patients who are visiting the O’Neill area on business or vacation.

Why do kidneys fail?

Our kidneys are vital organs. When they are damaged or diseased, it is a serious problem. In addition to being affected by certain infections, they can be damaged by obstructions like kidney stones and cysts, and as a result of birth defects.

What is dialysis?

The word “dialysis” is Greek for “loosening from something else.” In the case of renal dialysis, the loosening refers to the separation or filtration of wastes.


Kidney Dialysis UnitThe most common type of dialysis is called Hemodialysis. “Hemo” means blood. During hemodialysis, a device called an artificial kidney machine is used to cleanse the blood.

A hemodialysis treatment takes three to four hours and is usually performed three times a week. During treatments, patients may read, watch television, visit or simply sleep.

Dialysis Clinics

Richard A. Jensen, MD Medical Director

Jensen Clinic PC
911 E. 20th Street, Suite 401
Sioux Falls, S.D. 57105
(605) 322- 3825

Jensen Clinic PC
2200 N. Kimball, Suite 300
Mitchell, S.D. 57105
(605) 995-0857

Richard A. Jensen MD
Medical Director