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Memory Diagnostic Center

A resource to turn to when a loved one is experiencing memory loss.

As we grow older, we all experience changes in our ability to remember things, wondering if the slow and gradual decrease in memory abilities are part of the normal aging process or whether they are symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.

The Avera St. Benedict Memory Diagnostic Center of Parkston, South Dakota, provides patients and families a resource for early diagnosis and treatment of memory loss.  The Center's team of professionals provides progressive and compassionate care to help ease the uncertainty of memory loss, determine the extent of your memory problem, provide answers to the cause of memory deficit, and help review medical management options.

Insurance Coverage

The Memory Diagnostic Center services are reimbursable.  The Center accepts assignment from Medicare, Medicaid and third party insurance plans.

Comprehensive Assessment

There are numerous causes of memory loss, and the key to an accurate diagnosis is a complete diagnostic evaluation.  Each patient who visits the Center receives a comprehensive assessment that includes:

  • In-depth medical history
  • Cognitive examination
  • Depression screening
  • Functional and sensory exam
  • Targeted physical and laboratory exam
  • Psychological assessment
  • Patient and family education

An accurate and early diagnosis is the first step in developing the best treatment plan and to begin forming a management plan for patients and their families.

Memory Diagnostic Center

The mission of the Avera St. Benedict Memory Diagnostic Center is to provide a place for people with memory deficits to seek answers.  It is our mission to provide a Center of Excellence for accurate diagnosis, treatment, management and support for persons with memory impairment.  The Center will be a resource for education and support services for medical professionals, patients and caregivers.

Treatment Plan

The Memory Diagnostic Center Team works with patients and their families to design a treatment plan using the latest research knowledge and medications.  A treatment plan may include:  Consultation with the patient's family doctor; Discussion of treatment options; Therapeutic treatment recommendations.

Continued support and information are essential to dealing with memory disorders.  Patients and their caregivers receive ongoing information and support services.  The Center will help family members understand what is happening with their loved one and what they can do to help them.  We can help you find resources that are available to you. 


The Memory Diagnostic Center is located at 401 West Glynn Drive, Parkston, SD.  Entrance is through the Avera St. Benedict Certified Rural Health Clinic.  Call 605-928-3311, Ext. 286 for an appointment.