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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Avera St.  Luke’s Nursing Professional Practice Program

The Professional Practice Program at Avera St. Luke’s was developed to promote and provide structure for the professional development and growth of the RNs providing direct care at Avera St. Luke’s. Nursing excellence is a top priority in meeting Avera St. Luke’s mission of excellence in areas of clinical, education, research and leadership/community. Values of personal responsibility, respect for self and others, innovation through teamwork, dedication to caring and excellence in customer service are supported through the program. Nurses are encouraged to take the initiative for professional growth and development in their clinical field, thereby enhancing quality of care, improving patient outcomes and promoting nursing and patient satisfaction. 


  • To contribute to an environment/culture of nursing excellence through the delivery of high-level clinical care related to evidence based practice
  • To acknowledge (and reward) clinical expertise and excellence
  • To be the employer of choice by enhancing nurse recruitment and retention while fostering professional growth and advancement of staff nurses
  • To develop and recognize excellence in leadership
  • To achieve quality clinical outcomes by increasing expectations for professional and clinical performance

It is the expectation of Avera St. Luke’s Department of Nursing that all registered nurses demonstrate a competent level of nursing practice and behavior in the professional role (Level II). The professional performance of every RN will be evaluated annually through a collaborative review by the nurse, Nursing Manager and/or Nursing Director. The RN Performance Standards are based on the Standards of clinical Nursing Practice and Professional Practice as set forth by the American Nurses Association.

An annual stipend is available for those achieving Level III.