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Visiting a Patient

Receiving visitors is an important part of a patient's treatment and recuperation during their hospitalization. It's also important for the visitor to feel that they have played a part in their loved one's experience. For safety and courtesy reasons, certain visitor policies have been created to protect our patients while at Avera St. Luke's Hospital.

Hours for Visitors

General visiting hours are 11 a.m.  to 9 p.m. Visiting hours may differ in the various patient care units. Please check with a nurse on the unit you are visiting.

Maps & Directions

Where Our Facilities Are Located
  • Main Avera St. Luke's Hospital Campus
    305 S. State St.
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera Dakota Medical Square
    815 First Ave. SE
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera Mother Joseph Retirement Community
    1002 N. Jay St.
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's Business Services Center
    524 Camelot Drive
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's Cancer Care Center
    620 Third Ave. SE
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's Education Center
    709 Sixth Ave. SE
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's Healthcare Plaza (includes Avera St. Luke's Imaging Center)
    820 First Ave. SE
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's State Street Medical Square
    105 S. State St.
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's Therapy Center
    805 First Ave. SE
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera St. Luke's Worthmore Addiction Services
    1206 S. Main St.
    Aberdeen, SD 57401
  • Avera Clinics
    Check out a list of our clinic facilities.

Overnight Accomodations

Auxiliary Guest House

The Auxiliary Guest House provides temporary lodging as part of a healing ministry for outpatients and families receiving treatment at Avera St. Luke’s. Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first-served basis. The cost is $20 per night, plus an additional $10 for each family member and/or caretaker sharing the room. Pay options are dependent on the ability to pay.

For more information, call 605-622-5050.

Lodging in Aberdeen

Many local hotels/motels offer “courtesy rates” to our hospital patients and their families. To obtain the courtesy rates, you must present a special card to the hotel/motel, which is provided to you by Avera St. Luke’s. This card is verification that your stay is hospital-related. You may obtain your card from the Admitting desk in the east lobby at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital.

Family Lounges

There are family lounge areas for visitors on the main floor in both our East and West lobbies. Specific waiting areas have been designated for families of patients in the Intensive Care Unit, the BirthPlace, the Emergency Department and Surgery. During certain hours, a staff member is on duty in the Surgery lounge area to keep family members informed about the surgery's progress.


Avera St. Luke's Hospital cafeteria provides a large variety of nutritious meals and snacks. It is located on the first floor of our main St. Luke's campus at 305 S. State St. Visitors are welcome to eat in our cafeteria.

Hours of Service

The cafeteria at Avera St. Luke’s is open seven days a week:

  • Breakfast: 7 to 10 a.m.
  • Continental Breakfast: 10 to 11 a.m.
  • Lunch: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Dinner: 5 to 6:30 p.m.
Vending Machines

Full-service vending machines are located in the cafeteria dining area. They are available 24 hours a day. Selections include cold and microwavable entrees and sandwich items, salads, fruits and desserts, along with a variety of snack and beverage choices.

Room Service for Hospital Meals

Room Service features restaurant-quality meals served to our hospital patients on demand throughout the day by specially trained hosts and hostesses. The kitchen will be open continuously from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Box lunches will be available for patients who require food after regular meal service hours. This new meal delivery model is part of the hospital’s commitment to service excellence.

About Gifts

Avera St. Luke’s Gift Shop, staffed by volunteers, is located in the west lobby. Our shop has gift items, jewelry, books, balloons, magazines, greeting cards, candy, toiletries, flowers and plants. The Gift Shop phone number is 605-622-5259. We also offer an online Gift Shop.

  • Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 12:30 to 4 p.m.

Due to our concern regarding latex allergies, we ask you not to bring latex balloons into the hospital. Mylar balloons are appropriate in place of latex.

Flowers are delivered to the patient's room by volunteers. However, flowers and live plants are not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Please check with the nurse to make sure your gift is appropriate. In ICU, please check with staff regarding any gifts for patients.

Visitors should check with the nurse before bringing gifts of food or drink to patients.

Tobacco-Free Facilities and Campuses

Avera St. Luke's is dedicated to providing health care services and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

All Avera St. Luke's campuses and buildings have been designated as tobacco-free. The use of tobacco products will not be permitted in our facilities or on our grounds, including parking lots and outside our buildings.