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Avera St. Luke's Mental Health Admission Information

Preparing for Your Stay

Upon arrival, you will be assigned to your room. A nurse will be on hand to discuss your concerns and expectations during your hospitalization. You will be requested to assist the nurse in completing an admission form. A staff member may also talk with a family member or other concerned person.

Initially, you will be asked to put on a hospital gown while your personal belongings, clothing and valuables are checked by the nursing staff. When that part of the admission is complete, you will be given a tour of the unit and an explanation of our program of care. As always, we welcome any questions you or your family may have.

A schedule of activities is posted and will be explained to you during your orientation to the unit. The neatness and care of your room and your belongings are your responsibility during your stay. Clean towels and linens are provided as needed.

Contact Avera St. Luke's Behavioral Health Services at 605-622-5552.