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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Avera St. Luke's Mental Health Unit Patient Information

Important Instructions for Patients & Visitors


A physician's order is required for leaving Avera St. Luke’s Mental Health Unit. A "Release of Liability for Leave of Absence" form is signed when leaving and returning to the unit. Parents or guardians are required to sign an adolescent in and out of the unit for passes other than staff-directed activities.


Exit doors to the unit are generally locked. This is necessary because safety factors must be considered for some patients.

Your belongings will be checked, and any objects considered harmful to self or others will be kept in your locker.

Room checks are done periodically by unit staff to further assure the safety of all patients. You are encouraged to remain in your room while your personal belongings are checked.


All information and records regarding your care and treatment on the unit are kept confidential. Because of staff members' rotating  shifts and the large number of staff involved in your treatment here, it is necessary for staff members to share information about your history, treatment and progress. This information is considered confidential and is recorded on your hospital chart.


Patients are not permitted to use tobacco or tobacco products on our Mental Health Unit. Patients who have an order from a physician to smoke may use a designated outside area. Educational materials on smoking cessation are offered on admission and nursing staff can provide a support group per patient request.


Telephones for personal use are located across from the nurses’ station. Notepads to record messages for other patients are available, and messages may be left at the nurse's station.

It is best to encourage calls during visiting hours or when you are not involved in other activities. Phone calls are limited to 10 minutes for each call and are discouraged after 10 PM unless it is an emergency. Phone calls by adolescents are limited to immediate family members. The phone number is 605-622-5552.


Television is provided in the lounge and south activity areas. No TV is permitted after 10:30 PM Sunday through Thursday and after 11:30 PM Friday and Saturday except for the viewing of relaxing videotapes. You are encouraged to respect the rights of other patients with regard to viewing.


Mail addressed to you will be delivered to the unit. You are encouraged to furnish your own stationery and stamps. Letters may be left at the nurses’ station for mailing. Have your mail addressed to:

Your name
Avera St. Luke's
305 S State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401


Meals are served in the dining area on the unit. Adolescents will eat in their room or the Recreation Room, separate from the adult patients. You will be given a menu to select from each morning. At the discretion of your doctor and/or staff, meals may be eaten in the hospital cafeteria, with arrangements to be made in advance.

Decaffeinated coffee is available on the unit. Fruit juices and lunch items are available as desired. Facilities and supplies are available for snack preparation, except during the hours of 10:30 PM and 4:30 AM. If you are on a special diet, check with the nursing staff before selecting snack foods or beverages.

Breakfast: 8 AM


Supper: 6 PM


While here, you will be encouraged to be in your room and in bed by 11 PM Sunday through Thursday and by midnight Friday and Saturday. Adolescent bedtimes are 10 PM weekdays and 11 PM Friday and Saturday.

Rounds to all rooms are made by staff members frequently during the night. This requires doors to remain partially open. If you have difficulty sleeping, please let the nurse know.


Mass is celebrated in the hospital chapel at 4:30 PM Wednesdays and 10:30 AM Sundays. Permission is needed to attend services. Please inform your doctors or nursing staff if you wish to attend.

Contact Us

Contact Avera St. Luke's Behavioral Health Services at 605-622-5552.