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Avera St. Luke's Mental Health Program Services

Program Services Enhance Your Recovery

As a patient on our Mental Health Unit, you may be involved in a number of program services and activities. Your involvement is determined by you, your physician and other members of the treatment team. Some services are provided in cooperation with Northeastern Mental Health Center.

Avera St. Luke's Mental Health Program Services

Psychiatric Nursing Services

Nursing services are provided on a 24-hour basis. Nursing personnel will assess your physical and psychosocial status and then work with you to develop your treatment goals. Nurses will start you on a goal-oriented plan of therapy and serve as your advocate during your stay. They will also assist in evaluating the effectiveness of your therapy, provide education and coordinate planning for services you may need after discharge.


Psychiatric services are available to all patients. You may see the psychiatrist on a consulting basis or as your primary physician. It is the psychiatrist and/or physician who will direct your care.

Therapeutic Recreation

During group and individual experiences, a therapeutic recreation therapist will help you understand how recreation and leisure can be a positive influence in your life.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy assists patients to develop or improve skills needed at work, home and in the community. Goals and treatment are determined by individual needs. Structured groups and individual experiences are used to promote personal worth and relationship skills plus skills concerned with self care, communication and mobility.

Psychological Assessment Services

These services are provided by psychologists who do clinical interviews and psychological testing to determine diagnosis and treatment.

Patient and Family Services Consultation

Professional social workers can assist you and your family with personal, emotional, financial and social concerns. The social worker can also evaluate your home situation and help you make the transition from the hospital to your home or other living arrangement.

Therapy Services

Psychiatric therapists provide individual therapy for adults and adolescents to deal with individualized problems and stressors. Group therapy and stress management are provided to help you improve your coping skills.

Chemical Dependency Consultation Services     

These services are available to those patients on the Mental Health Unit who may have a chemical dependency problem. Services consist of interviews and testing to determine the extent of the chemical dependency. Chemical dependency treatment is available through Worthmore Treatment Center if an inpatient program is necessary.

Spiritual Services

A 24-hour staff in Pastoral Care is on hand to serve the spiritual needs of you and your family regardless of church affiliation. Communion is distributed daily to Catholic patients who wish to receive the sacrament.

Dietary Consultation

A dietitian is available to provide consultation regarding any special dietary needs you may have during your stay. Individual counseling is also provided for those with eating disorders.

24-Hour Crisis Line

A 24-hour emergency service is provided by Northeastern Mental Health Center in cooperation with Avera St. Luke's and our Mental Health Unit. The line is answered by experienced psychiatric staff members. In the Aberdeen region, call 605-229-1000.

Services for Children and Adolescents

The Mental Health Assessment/Evaluation Program for children and adolescents focuses on providing acute crisis intervention and evaluation to determine appropriate treatment options. Length of stay is up to seven working days. A team approach is used in the evaluation process with appropriate discharge planning that may include outpatient services or transfer to an adolescent inpatient unit.

Mental Health Home Care

This program is a collaborative service provided by the Mental Health Unit and Home Health Services. It is designed to meet the mental health needs of patients in the comfort of home. Nurses who specialize in mental health nursing provide direct patient care in the home and offer support and education to family members and significant others.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

ECT is a safe and modern medical treatment for certain illnesses that have mental or emotional symptoms. ECT is provided by a team of doctors and nurses on either an inpatient or an outpatient basis at Avera St. Luke's. Prior to beginning a series of ECT, patients undergo a complete physical examination and receive individualized education about ECT. Informed consent is obtained from patients prior to beginning a course of ECT.

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