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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Avera St. Luke's Business Health Work-Related Injury and Illness Care

Return-to-Work Assistance

More than 100 Aberdeen area businesses, from retail to manufacturing, use Avera St. Luke's Business Health's Work-Related Injury and Illness Care services. Our team is specially trained and competent in many aspects of employee health, wellness and safety. We can help decide when it's safe for an injured worker to return to work and help adapt tasks if necessary.

Businesses find that a proactive approach to employee health pays off with better morale and productivity, besides saving insurance costs and time lost due to illness. We work cohesively with local rehabilitation services, workers' compensation, and other agencies so employees and employers alike come away feeling well-informed and well-cared for.

Our Services

Injury Care Services

Injury care services are provided to the area business community through Avera St. Luke’s Business Health Clinic in Aberdeen. Services include pre-employment, periodic and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, and other work-related injury care. Call 605-622-5858.

24-Hour Treatment Options

An injury can happen at any time. Avera St. Luke’s Emergency Department is ready to serve you, 24 hours a day. The Emergency Department can be contacted at 605-622-5100.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • Work Conditioning: Programs maximizing employees’ tolerance to physical demands of the job.
  • Functional Capabilities Evaluations: Assesses and defines an individual’s physical ability to perform a specific job or activity.
  • Specialized treatment for back and neck injuries with focus on “return to work.”

Return to Work Assistance

We assist employers by communicating "return to work" status of an injured employee as soon as possible after an injury.

  • Liaison between physician and company.
  • Liaison to Workers' Compensation insurance companies and case managers.
  • Employer assistance in “return to work” transitional duty programs.
  • Can provide on-site nursing and/or therapist services in the workplace.

Pain Management

Avera St. Luke’s Pain Management Center treats patients experiencing acute or any kind of chronic or persistent pain, including pain that has occurred as a result of disease or injury. For more information, go to Pain Management.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Avera St. Luke’s Business Health at 605-622-5858.