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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Infection Control

Avera St. Luke’s Infection Control Department is a support department within our healthcare system that works to identify and follow the trends for all infections that occur. Since healthcare facilities are places where people go when they are sick, it is important to have a department responsible for the prevention and control of infections.

Our goals are to evaluate all infections, regardless of where or how the infection began; to ensure patient, client and resident safety; and to enhance the well-being and safety of our visitors, physicians, volunteers and employees. Learn more about Our Team and what we do.

Working to prevent and control infections

All persons who enter a facility where sick persons are cared for are at risk for development of infections. Our department works every day to collect and analyze infection-related data for all types of infections that occur within healthcare facilities. These infections may be present before, during or after a patient visit. Once infections are identified and studied, the information is used to help us make patient care decisions that will help to prevent future infections.

Our department works closely with our medical staff and the South Dakota Department of Public Health to identify all situations that might contribute to development of infection in patients, clients, residents, visitors and staff.

We are closely involved with all healthcare construction to ensure that the safest possible environment is available during periods of remodeling or construction activity.

We work diligently with infection control professionals from other facilities to share knowledge and develop ways to enhance safety. To learn more about infection control, go to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We also utilize the premier infection control computer software to enter, collate and analyze the occurrence of infections in healthcare setting. This specialized software allows us to track and trend infections over multiple years.


The Infection Control Department is located on the main campus of Avera St. Luke’s at 305 S State Street. Contact us at 605-622-5481 or 605-622-5530.