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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Infection Control Team

Our Infection Control Department employs certified or specifically-trained registered nurses who understand how infections occur, in what populations, how to analyze them, and how to track trends. Since nurses in Infection Control don’t provide “hands-on” care for patients, it is very important that we have keenly-developed abilities to monitor patient status and work with the rest of the healthcare team to identify and prevent infections.

  • Our department works with other departments to choose safe medical supplies and equipment.
  • We are educators, providing information to healthcare staff and consultations/educational materials to patients and families to enhance their understanding of infection-related issues.
  • We are advocates of safe practices, relating to both employees and families who care for the sick with infections.
  • We coordinate outreach activities to be able to provide support to persons in all practice settings.
  • We provide outreach education and consulting services to other businesses, healthcare facilities and the community at large.
  • We develop policies and procedures to identify infection risks and preventive practices for our hospital, long-term care and clinic departments.
  • We develop policies and procedures to enhance follow-up of exposures to infectious agents.
  • We assist in monitoring sterilization and disinfection procedures.
  • We participate in planning for our response to bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction.   
  • We monitor bacteria and other germs for development of “super-bugs” - those germs that have genetically altered themselves, and thus fail to respond to antibiotics or other treatment.

Our Location

The Infection Control Department is located on the main campus of Avera St. Luke’s at 305 S State Street. Contact us at 605-622-5481 or 605-622-5530.