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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Get Help With Pain Management

At Avera St. Luke’s Pain Management Center, our dedicated andAvera Dakota Medical Square experienced staff can evaluate and treat your pain. We help patients experiencing acute or any kind of chronic, persistent pain that has occurred as a result of disease or injury.

Nearly 30 percent of this country’s population suffers from some type of chronic pain. In fact, pain is the primary symptom in more than 80 percent of all doctor visits.

Our pain management team is led by Shawna Schmidt, MD.

Our Goals

  • Provide patients with a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of their pain
  • Design and implement personalized treatment plans
  • Improve a patient’s quality of life
  • Decrease the frequency and intensity of pain
  • Reduce the utilization of health care resources

Learn More About Pain Management

We understand what it's like for you to live with pain. Learn more about how we can help:

Our Location

Avera St. Luke’s Pain Management Center is located on the second floor of Avera Dakota Medical Square at 815 First Ave. SE, Aberdeen, S.D. Our hours are 7 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Call us at 605-622-5123 or 1-800-225-8537, ext. 5123.