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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

BirthPlace at Avera St. Luke's 

One Room from Labor to Delivery to Discharge

Avera St. Luke's offers Single Room Maternity Care in the BirthPlace with rooms designed for a continuity of care, with families and their newborn in our Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum Room (LDRP).

Our nursing staff will be with you as much, or as little, as you prefer during the labor experience to offer information and support.

Some options available during labor:

  • Birth ball
  • Entertainment centers with TV, VCR/DVD/CD players
  • Family support that is so important during this time 
  • Labor epidural to help lessen the pain
  • Private bathroom with whirlpool tub and shower
  • Rocking chair and sleep sofas for fathers choosing to stay overnight with their new family

Labor Epidurals

Epidurals are available to help lessen labor pain. If you are interested in the option of a labor epidural, please visit with your doctor. We highly recommend a pre-visit with the anesthesiologist to discuss the pros and cons of this type of pain management. The anesthesiologist will also obtain the needed health history and answer your questions. Having this visit done ahead of time will allow your epidural to be given more quickly once you request it. Contact your doctor to set up this appointment for you.

Family Support

We encourage you to have your important support person(s) with you during labor and delivery. However, we ask that you limit the visitors in the labor area to two at any one time. Too many people can distract you and also cause a safety hazard in the room. Please visit with your doctor and nurse if you have questions.