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Childbirth Education Classes

Available Classes

View a list of all available childbirth, breastfeeding and sibling classes.

How to Register

Call 605-622-5588 or register online.

Avera St. Luke’s Childbirth Preparation Classes

Avera St. Luke’s offers a variety of classes to help you get ready for your “Small Miracle.” We invite you to register online, or call our Education Department at 605-622-5588 for more information.

Maybe a Baby? Now What?

Thinking about having a baby? Come to our free "Maybe A Baby” open house event, held several times a year, and talk one-on-one with physicians and other educators as they cover pregnancy and baby care topics.

Childbirth Prep Daylong Class

This class includes end of pregnancy, labor/birth emotional and physical changes, emphasizing understanding the natural process of labor and delivery; terminology of labor and birth; and cesarean birth preparations.  A tour of Avera St. Luke’s BirthPlace is included. Newborn information is not part of this class, but is offered in the Parenting Transition Class. 

Childbirth Prep Evening Series

This two-evening class helps pregnant mothers and their support person(s) prepare for childbirth. Topics are the same as those covered in the daylong class, but in two sessions. A tour of the BirthPlace follows the second session. 

Parenting Transition Class/Breastfeeding Combo Class

Designed for busy parents, this class is highly recommended if you are having your first baby. The class focuses on breastfeeding basics, newborn characteristics and care, how to calm the new baby, recognizing illness, and car seat information. 

Breastfeeding Class

This "how-to" session provides information about a breastfeeding plan and practical tips on breastfeeding, returning to work and how fathers can help. Fathers, family and/or friends are encouraged to attend class with the mom-to-be.

Sibling Preparation Class

This class is open to children at least 3 years old. Parents and/or grandparents are encouraged to accompany them. The class includes: diapering, holding and feeding their own dolls; listening to stories about a new baby; watching a video about a sibling's feelings and roles; seeing a bath given to a new baby; and getting a certificate for membership in Little Luke's Brother and Sister Club.

New in 2013: All-in-One Class

This intense, one-day class includes labor and birth, parenting and breastfeeding information. It is geared for those who have already done some homework, or those who are unable to attend separate classes. A tour may be scheduled later at your convenience.