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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

Our Vision

To be the region’s retirement community of choice by creating a home and a caring environment where each individual resident can live, grow and enjoy life to his or her greatest capacity. We will honor each individual as a whole person - body, mind and spirit. We will demonstrate a commitment to excellence in all aspects of the care and service we provide. As a team we will support those that give care and those that receive care with hospitality, compassion and stewardship.

Our Values

Avera Mother Joseph Retirement Community, as a member of Avera Health, promotes the Gospel values of compassion, hospitality and stewardship, as exemplified in the life of Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters, and St. Benedict.

  • Compassion
    The compassion of Jesus, especially for the poor and the sick of body and spirit, shapes the manner in which health care is delivered by Avera's employees, physicians, administrators, volunteers and sponsors. Compassionate caring is expressed through sensitive listening and responding, understanding, support, patience, and healing touch.
  • Hospitality
    The encounters of Jesus with each person were typified by openness and mutuality. Welcoming presences, attentiveness to needs, a gracious manner, seasoned with a sense of humor, are expressions of hospitality in and by the Avera Health community.
  • Stewardship
    Threaded through the mission of Jesus was the restoration of all the world to right relationship with its Creator. In that same spirit and mission, the members of Avera Health treat persons, organizational power and earth's resources with justice and responsibility. Respect, truth and integrity are foundational to right relationships among those who serve, and those who are served.