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 eConsult/Telemedicine Services

Avera St. Luke’s provides advanced, interactive videoconferencing services for our patients, staff and community. The eConsult/Telemedicine technology allows real-time connections between health care facilities and health care providers around the region and the nation. Physicians, patients and staff can communicate with this technology 24 hours a day, without the need to travel.

Our eConsult/Telemedicine Services provide videoconferencing applications for telemedicine, wellness, meetings and distance education. Videoconferencing technology is part of Avera St. Luke’s regional effort to increase the availability of human and information resources to area facilities and to enhance the delivery of local health care services to communities throughout the region.

How telemedicine can be used

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Contact Gene Reich at Avera St. Luke's eConsult/Telemedicine Services at 605-622-5035 or