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Cardiac Rehab

This program is designed specifically for each patients who need special attention in identifying the patient's risk factors for future heart attacks and disease. After those risk factors have been identified, the staff works with the patient, the family, and personal physician in developing a plan to prioritize and address each risk factor.

Phase II Cardiac Rehab can last up to 12 weeks following heart surgery or diagnosis of heart disease and includes careful monitoring of the patient while reintroducing exercise into their lives. In addition to the exercise component, the patient and family (if they are interested) work with the staff on education of life-style changes that need to be made. Phase II Cardiac Rehab is located on the fourth floor of the North Building. Phone (605) 224-3187.

Maintenance of Phase III Cardiac Rehab is available for patients to continue exercising after discharge from Phase II Cardiac Rehab.

Avera St. Mary's Cardiac Rehab is located on the fourth floor of the North Building.

Cardiac Rehab includes a large, carpeted gym with exercise equipment and specialized treatment areas. An apartment-like setting will benefit those who face the challenge of re-learning activities of daily living after an injury, illness, or surgery. Large windows provide an open view of Griffin Park and the Missouri River. Access to this department can be gained from Avera St. Mary's main entrance/lobby. Patient/visitor parking is available in the north parking lot between Avera St. Mary's and Sioux Avenue, on Dakota Avenue, and other surrounding parking lots and streets.