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Social Services

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Phone: 605-224-3437

The Avera St. Mary's social services staff members are experienced medical social workers who provide services for patients in many departments and areas of Avera St. Mary's Healthcare Center. We work closely with other social workers in the community with a goal of meeting psychosocial needs of individuals.

Services Provided

Social service staff assist patients and their families to anticipate and plan for health care and other resource needs, address financial concerns, and identify community resources to assist the patient upon discharge.

All of our social services staff work with the interdisciplinary team serving a particular population, whether it is in acute care, long term care, dialysis, home health, hospice, the emergency room or ambulatory care.

When illness causes life changes, social workers help patients and families cope with the illness by providing support and helping them with grief and loss. We help to reduce the patients' and families' anxiety and assist in the adjustment of life changes resulting from the illness.

Who We Serve

Medical social workers also work with victims of violence, including children who are abused or neglected, rape victims, victims of domestic violence and elders who are abused or neglected. We provide crisis intervention services for persons who are experiencing a mental health emergency, conducting assessments, providing counseling, and making referrals to address ongoing needs.

Long-Term Care Assistance

When someone requires long-term care, we help the patient and family with the adjustment to a new living environment, assist in completing financial applications for assistance, assist in completing advance directives, and address other needs as they arise.