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St. Michael's Hospital Avera

410 West 16th Ave
 Tyndall, SD 57066

Patients and Visitors

Information for patients & visitors at St. Michael's Hospital Avera.


If you use the phone in the patient’s room, you will need to dial 9 for an outside line. St. Michael’s Mission Leadership Committee provided phone cards as a courtesy to patients who need to make long distance phone calls. Please let the nursing staff knows if you are in need of one.


Meals are available for a modest cost through St. Michael’s dietary department. If you are planning to have a meal, you will need to notify nursing staff by 7:00 am for breakfast, 9:30 am for dinner, or 4:00 pm for supper. Coffee for visitors is available on the patient care floor at the top of the ramp. Vending machines are located just outside the elevator on the ground floor.

Prayer and Meditation

The chapel is located in the nursing home wing of the hospital. Visitors and family are invited to use it as they desire.


Public restrooms are located in the hall at the bottom of the ramp in the clinic lobby and in the hall behind the vending machines at the bottom of the lower ramp.