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About Us

It is the objective and purpose of Wagner Community Memorial Hospital - Avera to provide care and treatment of the sick, to provide care and support of the aged, disabled and indigent and to provide for those in need of hospitalization.

In order to carry out the objective and purposes as stated above, WCMH-A is a licensed 20-bed Critical Access Hospital, providing 24 hour skilled nursing emergency and outpatient services.  It is equipped for surgical and medical patients and provides ancillary services of x-ray, laboratory, and physical therapy, EKG and other normal hospital services, too numerous to mention.

WCMH-A, although located in the city of Wagner, is made available and can be used by all people in this area who are in need of medical and emergency care, regardless of race, color, creed or ability to pay.

Also, in keeping with the afore-mentioned objective and purposes, WCMH-A, as a charitable institution, may periodically offer charitable activities and use of its facility to other charitable organizations within our service area.

Because the facility is certified by Medicare and Medicaid, it is the intention of WCMH-A to comply with all Federal and State regulations and legislation.

Mission, Vision, Values

Community Health Needs Assessment