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SHE magazine special edition

Female Physicians and Health Care Providers

As part of our special edition of SHE Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of all the female physicians and health care providers who help make Avera great. Use this as a reference to find a female provider who fits your needs or search our full provider directory.

Allergy and Immunology
Lindsey Peterson, CNP, Sioux Falls
Julie Nielsen, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Christie Brown Munoz, MD, Pierre
Tamara Dutter, MD, Aberdeen
Susan Ramig, MD, Aberdeen
Rachelle Sutton, MD, Sioux Falls
Victoria Vlach, MD, Yankton
Stephanie Wieman, MD, Yankton

Anesthesiology/Pain Management
Shawna Schmidt, MD, Aberdeen

Darcie Schmidt; CNP, FNP-BC, CBN; Sioux Falls

Behavioral Health
Nicole Christenson, MD, Sioux Falls
Heather Chester-Adam, MD, Sioux Falls
Sarah Flynn, MD, Sioux Falls
Hillary Hanson, MD, Sioux Falls
Wioleta Mazurczak, MD, Sioux Falls
Meredith Powell, MD, Sioux Falls
Melissa Spanggaard, DO, Sioux Falls
Tamara Vik, MD, Sioux Falls
Nancy Wilson, MD, Sioux Falls
Mary Carole Curran; ABPP, PhD; Yankton
Lezlee Greguson-Lund, PhD, Sioux Falls
Beverly Gunderson, EdD, Sioux Falls
Carol Kuntz, PsyD, Sioux Falls
Brenda Nour, PhD, Sioux Falls
Constance Spicero, EdD, Sioux Falls
Connie Sweatman, PsyD, Sioux Falls
Nancy Wise-Vander Lee, PhD, Sioux Falls
Tamera Graziano, CNP, Marshall
Tracee Hofer; CNP, PMIIPN-BC; Sioux Falls
Garneth Kuiper; CNP, MSN; Sioux Falls
Grace LaFollette; MSN, CNP, RN; Sioux Falls
Julie Linsenmeyer, PNP, Worthington
Stephanie Murphy, PA-C, Aberdeen
Theresa Petersen, CNP, O’Neill
Dawn VanRuler, CNP, Marshall
Laura Withorne-Maloney, CNP, Sioux Falls
Jennifer Albrecht; MAT, CCDC-III, LPC-MH; Sioux Falls
Ashley Boerboom, LPCC, Marshall
Amy Chitwood; CSW-PIP, MSW; Sioux Falls
Ginny Crawford; CSW-PIP, MSW; Sioux Falls
Candice Cummings; CSW-PIP, MSW; Sioux Falls
Mary Dressing; LPC-MH, RD, LN; Sioux Falls
Kristi Geinger; MSW, LAC; Aberdeen
Jacki Grote, LSW, CAC; Aberdeen
Jodi Hepperle; LSW, LAC; Aberdeen
Karen Hofer, LAC, Aberdeen
Rebecca Kuch, LPC-MH, NCC, QMHP; Aberdeen
Patricia Lindemann, MS, LPC; Sioux Falls
Jennifer Lovik, LPC, LAC; Sioux Falls
Kay McKenzie, RN, MA, LPC; Sioux Falls
Jamie Milbrandt, CAC, Aberdeen
Jeri Nelson, MSW, MSW-PIP, QMHP; Sioux Falls
Jordan Palmer, CDCT, Aberdeen
Angela Pearson, LAC, Aberdeen
Skie Peltier-Anderson, MA, LPC; Sioux Falls
Julie Pfeifer, LAC, Aberdeen
Leah Rath, LPC, CCDC-III, MA; Sioux Falls
Deann Reese, LICSW, Marshall
Erin Stolsmark, LPC-MH, LAC; Sioux Falls
Hiedi Roberts, MSW, CSW-PIP; Sioux Falls
Melissa Roby, LPC, MS, CCDC-III, NCC; Sioux Falls
Lana Smith, CCDC-III, LMFT, QMHP, MA; Sioux Falls
Mary Ellen Smith, MS, LPC-MH, NCC; Sioux Falls
Jill Viedt, MS, LPC, CCDC-III, NCC; Sioux Falls
Jane Webster-Voigt, LPC, Sioux Falls
Mary Wolf, CEAP, QMHP, LPC-MH, MS; Sioux Falls
Andrea Zeller, CAC, Aberdeen

Breast Surgery
Tricia Merrigan, MD, Sioux Falls
Julie Reiland, MD, FACS; Sioux Falls

Breast Surgery/General Surgery
Mary Milroy, MD, FACS; Creighton, Plainview, Yankton

Nicole Gibson, CNP, Sioux Falls
Amy Stevahn, CNP, Aberdeen
Kelly Wasko, CNP, Sioux Falls
Kristin Jacobs, PA-C, Aberdeen

Cardiovascular Disease
Heather Mitzel, CNP, Sioux Falls

Amber Determan, DDS, Mitchell
Kristin Teigen, DDS, Aberdeen

Valerie Flynn, MD, Sioux Falls
Jana Johnson, MD, Sioux Falls
Michelle Wanna, MD, Sioux Falls
Heidi Furth, CNP, Sioux Falls
Sarah Vanden Bosch, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Diagnostic Radiology
Caroline Lundell, MD, Aberdeen
Gwen Schaunaman, MD, Watertown
Tamara Wheeler, MD, Mitchell
Suzanne Woodward, MD, Sioux Falls
Angeline Young, MD, Yankton

Diagnostic Radiology/Mammography
Josie Alpers, MD, Sioux Falls
Sabina Choudhry, MD, Sioux Falls

Ear, Nose & Throat
Bethany Helvig, MD, FACS; Sioux Falls
Laura Larsen, MD, Sioux Falls
Catherine Wright, MD; Norfolk, Yankton
Kelcey Cushman, AuD, CCC-A; Sioux Falls
Kendra Neugebauer, AuD, CCC-A; Yankton
Melissa Baker, CCC-A, Sioux Falls
Amanda Nordgren, CCC-A, AuD; Sioux Falls
Beth Beeman, FAAA, AuD, CCC-A; Yankton
Carolyn Duenwald, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Carroll Poppen, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Shantel Schumack, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Emergency Medicine
Nicole Kress, MD, Sioux Falls
Kelly Rhone, MD, Sioux Falls
Nicole Stethem, MD, Sioux Falls
Tara Heinze, PA-C, Brookings

Endocrinology/Diabetes Metabolism
R. Anel-Tiangco, MD, Sioux Falls
Karen Hutchinson, MD, Sioux Falls

Family Medicine
Kimberly Hanssen, DO, Sioux Falls
Carol Lang, DO, Marshall
Jill Kruse, DO, Brookings
Andrea Miller, DO, Sioux Falls
Kelli Roenfanz, DO, Spirit Lake
Renee Schroeder, DO, Chamberlain
Kirsten Stotz, DO, Sioux Falls
Amanda Young, DO, Spencer
LoriAnne Andersen, MD, Sioux Center
Ellen Aquino, MD, Le Mars
Pooja Aggarwal, MD, Sioux Falls
Melissa Bartling, MD, Gregory
Mary Beecher, MD, Madison
Colleen Breske, MD, Sioux Falls
Theresa Campbell, MD, Mitchell
Alexandria Echols-Simpson, MD, Marshall
Shelby Eischens, MD, Brookings
Lisa Even, MD, Gregory
Heidi Feistner, MD, Sioux Falls
Dawn Flickema, MD, Sioux Falls
Allison Geier, MD, Watertown
Tara Geis, MD, Sioux Falls
Denise Greene, MD, Rock Valley
McKenzie Hanson, MD, Yankton
Jean Heisler, MD, Sioux Falls
Amy Hogue, MD, Sioux Falls
Sheila Holcomb, MD, Le Mars
Jessica Horn, MD, Watertown
Kari Hultgren, MD, Sioux Falls
Laurel Jennings, MD, Madison
Debra Johnston, MD, Brookings
Tricia Knutson, MD, Sioux Falls
Valerie Larson, MD, Dell Rapids
Stacie Lenssen, MD, Watertown
Amy Lindaman, MD, Sioux Falls
Sarah McDonald, MD, Milbank
Michelle McElroy, MD; Brandon, Sioux Falls
Angela Meyer, MD, Sioux Falls
Connie Micek, MD, Hartington
Courtney Moose, MD, Sioux Falls
Mary Olson, MD, Windom
Keri Orstad, MD; Plankinton, Wessington Springs
Susan Ostrowski, MD, Eureka
Patricia Peters, MD; Sioux Falls
Carrissa Pietz, MD, Yankton
Leah Prestbo, MD, Madison
M. Yvonne Rayborn, MD, Sioux Center
Kelly Rafferty, MD, Yankton
Sarah Reiffenberger, MD, Watertown
Alisa Reindl, MD, Sioux Falls
Sonia Sather, MD, Spencer
Sandra Smith, MD, Sioux Falls
Sarah Smith, MD, Brookings
Dawn Snow, MD, Aberdeen
Suzannah Spencer, MD, Sioux Falls
Jill Termaat, MD, Sioux Falls
Sherry Tighe, MD, Spencer
Michelle Turner, MD, Miller
Nanci Van Peursem, MD, Milbank
Kanya Vanadurongvan, MD, Milbank
Rebecca Vande Kop, MD, Brookings
Antoinette VanderPol, MD; Corsica, Parkston
Carilyn Van Kalsbeek, MD; Sioux Falls, Tea
Jamie Vitamvas, MD, Hull
Mary Watson, MD, Sioux Falls
Terra Drueke, APRN; O’Neill, Spencer
Cathy Laflan, APRN, Creighton
Sunny Nagengast, APRN, Bloomfield
Carol Nielsen, ARNP, Larchwood
Sarah Cam, ARNP, Sioux Center
Ivy Elsbernd, ARNP, Spencer
Jamie Hicks, ARNP, Spencer
Tonya Joachimsen, ARNP, Hartington
Jeanne Kleinhesselink, ARNP, DNP; Sioux Center
Natalie Potrament, ARNP, Spencer
Staci Ronfeldt, ARNP, Marcus
Geri Lynn Specht, ARNP, Le Mars
Susan Terrell, ARNP, Spencer
Kari Varner, ARNP, Le Mars
Kimberly Barber, CNP, Sioux Falls
Lindsey Barthel, CNP, Wagner
Theresa Bly, CNP, Marshall
Lisa Bucklin, CNP, Milbank
Muriel Engbrecht, CNP, Sioux Falls
Ruth Galbraith, CNP, Winner
Heidi Gehrke, CNP, Mitchell
Abigail Gramlick-Mueller, CNP, Sioux Falls
Heidi Hansen, CNP, Ivanhoe
Sue Hogue, CNP, Gregory
Katie Jones, CNP, Brookings
Maria (JoJo) Jungemann, CNP, Aberdeen
Jessica Kelley, CNP, Spirit Lake
Marcia Kells, CNP, Tyler
Diane Kenkel, CNP, Mitchell
Sara Klein, CNP, Chamberlain
Melissa Kludt, CNP, Scotland
Susan Leddy, CNP, Wilmot
Catherine Miller, CNP, Sioux Falls
Rebecca Moke, CNP; Lake Andes, Parkston
Jess Moriarty, CNP, Marshall
Kathryn Nevins, CNP, Brookings
Amy Nicolas, CNP, Marshall
Cynthia Pallesen, CNP, Aberdeen
Paula Sanderson, CNP, MS; Rock Valley
Tanya Schaeffer, CNP; Bridgewater, Freeman, Marion, Menno
Peggy Schuelke, CNP, Revillo
Melissa Scotting, CNP, Marshall
Donna Sebesta, CNP, Sioux Falls
Rebecca Simonsen, CNP, Redwood Falls
Lindsay Weber, CNP, Parkston
Jill Zuehlke, CNP, Britton
Sharon Simon, DNP, NPC; Aberdeen
Jamie Miller, FNP; Crofton, Yankton
Bethany Schultz, FNP, Watertown
Sharon Spencer, FNP; Chambers, Ewing, O’Neill, Page
Jenna Thiele, FNP, O’Neill
Cassandra Gutzmer, FNP, NPC; Miller
April Dexter, FNP, O’Neill
Robyn Heiser, FNP-BC, APRN; O’Neill
Greta Martin, FNP-BC, MSN; Worthington
Suzanne Beitzel, FNP-C, MSN; Windom
Kelli Rockafellow, MSW, CSW; Sioux Falls
Sarah DuBois, NP, Sioux Falls
Karen Runge, NP-C, Miller
Shelly Wieseler, NP-C, Miller
Hannah Jessen, PA, O’Neill
Lori Letner, PA, Larchwood
Amy Nelson, PA, Brookings
Nancy Rude, PA; Aberdeen, Groton
Caroline Sees-Fuhrer, PA, Scotland
Heidi Thoreson, PA, Pipestone
Jacqueline Bartlett, PA-C, Britton
Terri Behl, PA-C, Freeman
Bonnie Bleeker, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Amy Borgmann, PA-C, Creighton
Kari Jo Carlson, PA-C, Watertown
Cheryl Cronin, PA-C, Le Mars
Kayla Daniels, PA-C, Aberdeen
Cindy Deutscher, PA-C, Elkton
Pamela Elshere, PA-C, Tea
Vickie Ernst, PA-C, Ellendale
Melissa Fullner-Marshall, PA-C, Verdigre
Sara Granville, PA-C, Pierre
Terri Groves, PA-C, Wessington Springs
Tia Haines, PA-C; Geddes, Platte
Gina Hawkins, PA-C, Mitchell
Aubrey Hess, PA-C; Brandon, Sioux Falls
Jill Hoek, PA-C, De Smet
Brenda Holscher, PA-C, Waubay
Barbara Joy, PA-C, Pierre
Kay Kosters, PA-C, Le Mars
Stefanie Roby, PA-C, Watertown
Kimberly Lunder, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Valerie Martin, PA-C, Ellendale
Darcy McClelland, PA-C, Pierre
Ilow Meinecke, PA-C, O’Neill
Stephanie Nwala, PA-C, Aberdeen
Carol Olberding, PA-C, Spencer
Susan Olson, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Dawn Peterson, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Lori Ranek, PA-C, Tyndall
Chelsea Richardson, PA-C, Estherville
Jeanne Rud, PA-C, Madison
Misty Rudebusch, PA-C, Howard
Cindy Sash, PA-C, Pipestone
Mary Schaefer, PA-C; Parkston, Scotland
Candyce Scherr, PA-C; Parkston, Tripp
Angela Schnetzer, PA-C; Avon, Tyndall
Beth Schroeder, PA-C, Lake Andes
Delaina Sievers, PA-C, Madison
Elizabeth Soundy, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Jessica Thurman, PA-C, Mitchell
Katie Urban, PA-C, Gregory
Joni Wagner, PA-C; Howard, Salem
Erin Weber, PA-C, Watertown
Luann Weber, PA-C, Tyler
Pamela Veurink, PA-C, FNP; Platte
Jean Thompson, PA-C, CNP; Howard
Lori Manas-Lammers, Pierce

Cristina Hill Jensen, MD, Sioux Falls
Alyssa Anderson, CNP, Sioux Falls
Irena Chernatinski, CNP, Sioux Falls
Rhonda Duncan, CNP, Sioux Falls
April Schnieder, CNP, Sioux Falls
Jodi Hartmann McSherry, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Elizabeth Harden, CNP, Sioux Falls

Gynecologic Oncology
Jennifer Reiner, CNP, Sioux Falls
Nellie Ruzhitsky, CNP, Sioux Falls

Emily Andersen, CNP, Sioux Falls
Kristen Hurley, CNP, Sioux Falls
Tammie Smart, CNP, Sioux Falls

Hematopathology/Surgical Pathology
Jennifer Nelson, MD, Sioux Falls

Cindi Pochop, MD, Pierre
Dale Vizcarra, MD, Pierre
Mindy Frost, CNP, Sioux Falls
Sarah Jensen, PA-C, Aberdeen

Integrative Medicine/Family Medicine
Sally Williams, DO, Sioux Falls
Dawn Flickema, MD, Sioux Falls

Internal Medicine
Clarissa Barnes, MD, Yankton
Susan Fanta, MD, Yankton
Catherine Gerrish, MD, Watertown
Barbara Gutshall, MD, O’Neill
Sainabou Jallow, MD, Marshall
Jean Lageson, MD, Sioux Falls
Natalia Lazik, MD, Aberdeen
Patricia Malters, MD, Mitchell, Salem
Ruth Mosqueda-Lim, MD, De Smet
Janell Powell, MD, Sioux Falls
Mariko Saso-Hagiwara, MD, Sioux Falls
Rossitza Vakarelska, MD, Sioux Falls
Kim Woolhiser, MD, Sioux Falls
Rhonda Christensen, CNP, Sioux Falls
Lorinda Holland, CNP, De Smet
Carrie Rise, CNP, Sioux Falls
Kathi Sweeter, CNP, Sioux Falls
Mary Dressing, LPC-MH, Sioux Falls
Katie Jones, NP, Brookings
Beth Niemeyer, NP, Brookings
Cindy Erwin, PA-C, Pierre
Nancy Gonsor, PA-C, Pierre
Virginia Lemme, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Internal Medicine/Geriatrics
Eloise Schrag, MD, Freeman

Internal Medicine/Hospitalist
Tamera Sturm, DO, Sioux Falls
Srujana Angirekula, MD, Aberdeen
Amy Evjen, MD, Sioux Falls
Therese Gonzalez, MD, Sioux Falls
Sainabou Jallow, MD, Marshall
Fatima Kidwai, MD, Aberdeen
Editha Liu, MD, Sioux Falls
Jennifer McKay, MD, Sioux Falls
Beth Mikkelsen, MD, Yankton
Latonia Moncur, MD, Sioux Falls

Interventional Radiology
Jennifer Williams, DO, Sioux Falls

Liver Disease
Kristi Beukelman, CNP, Sioux Falls

Patricia Peters, MD, Sioux Falls
Karen Hoffman, PharmD, Sioux Falls
Margaret Loewen, CNP, Sioux Falls
Jessica Morrell, CNP, Sioux Falls

Kandi McMenamy, MD, Sioux Falls
Katherine Wang, MD, Sioux Falls
Jamie Lammers, CNP, Sioux Falls
Lisa Jorgenson, NP, Sioux Falls
Angela Maag, NP, Sioux Falls
Rebecca Rakowicz, NP, Sioux Falls
Angela Riley, NP, Sioux Falls
Gwenn Rosenau, NP, Sioux Falls
Lauri Wenninger, NP, Sioux Falls

Julie Ann Linatoc, MD, Sioux Falls
Sridevi Konkimalla, MD, MRCP, Sioux Falls
Alisa Hogue, ACNP, Aberdeen
Shanna Anderson, CNP, Aberdeen
Eloise Schrag, MD, Freeman

Karen Garnaas, MD, Sioux Falls
Carol Miles, MD, Sioux Falls
Lisa Viola, MD, Sioux Falls
Denise Boraas, CNP, Sioux Falls
Tamra Jacobsen, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Elizabeth Kruse, CNP, Sioux Falls

Amy Thompson, CNP, Sioux Falls
Nelli Shchur, FNP, Sioux Falls
Kris Goens, FNP-C, Sioux Falls

Nurse Midwife
Audra DeGroot, CNM, MSN; Sioux Falls
Teresa Vander Stouwe, CNM, MSN; Sioux Falls
Lisa VanGerpen, CNM, MSN; Sioux Falls

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Amal Salama, DO, FACOG; Sioux Falls
Tage Born, MD, FACOG; Aberdeen
Elizabeth Campbell, MD, FACOG; Mitchell
Cynthia Davis, MD, Sioux Falls
Jessica Dickes, MD, Aberdeen
Elizabeth Dimitrievich, MD, Sioux Falls
Amy Eichfeld, MD, FACOG; Wagner, Yankton
Veronica (Jane) Gaetze, MD, FACOG; Sioux Falls
Donna Hartfiel, MD; Marshall, Redwood Falls
Ellen Hopper, MD, Brookings
Brenda Kallemeyn, MD, Sioux Falls
Kimberlee McKay, MD, Sioux Falls
Mary Meierhenry, MD, Sioux Falls
Jane Peters, MD, Sioux Falls
Jessica Rasmussen, MD, FACOG; Pierre
Heather Reber, MD, Marshall
Amber Saloum, MD, Sioux Falls
Jodi Scott, MD, FACOG; Sioux Falls
Yvonne Seger, MD, Sioux Falls
Annie Siewert, MD, Sioux Falls
Christine Stehly, MD, FACOG; Aberdeen
Jill Sternquist, MD; Vermillion, Yankton
Molly Uhing, MD, Sioux Falls
Patricia Wirtz, MD, FACOG; Sioux Falls
Katie Smidt, CNM, Worthington
Aletha Erpenbach, CNP, Mitchell
Traci Redmond, CNP, Sioux Falls
Rena Robbennolt, CNP, Pierre
Amy St. Aubin, CNP, Sioux Falls
Betsy VanGenderen, CNP; Mitchell, Spirit Lake, Tyler
Sheri Trudeau, NP, Brookings
Bobbi Hartman, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Jillian Nedved, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Michele Peitz, PA-C, Mitchell

Occupational Medicine
Marie Quaschnick, CNP, Aberdeen
Penny Petersen, C-FNP, Mitchell
Darla Edinger, MD, CMIE, AME, MRO; Mitchell

Amy Krie, MD, Sioux Falls
Heidi McKean, MD, Sioux Falls
Mary Lee Villanueva, MD; O’Neill, Yankton
Carole Chell, CNP, Sioux Falls
Christina Gant, CNP, Sioux Falls
Tavane Harrison, CNP, Sioux Falls
Jamie Hillmer, CNP, Pierre
Missy Hoogeveen, CNP, Sioux Falls
Jessica Klein, CNP, Sioux Falls
Theresa Mehrman, CNP, Sioux Falls
Kirstin Williams, CNP, Sioux Falls
Nancy Terveen, FNP, Sioux Falls
Kayla York, LCGC, MS; Sioux Falls

Karen Dickes, DO, Yankton
Jessica Claussen, MD, Mitchell

Nancy Hemmingson, OD; Marshall, Worthington
Melissa Younger, OD; Marshall, Redwood Falls, Tracy, Worthington

Tammy Crofutt, CNP, Sioux Falls
Mary Fiedler, CNP, Sioux Falls
Molly Jahraus, PA-C, Pierre
Allison Johnson, PA-C, Yankton
Courtney Linton, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Jayne Novotny, PA-C, Pierre
Emily Petermann, PA-C; Sioux Falls, Yankton
Crystal Skovly, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Sharon Snyder, PA-C, Aberdeen
Cassandra Tornow, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Alissa Moen, PA-C, MS; Sioux Falls
Dayna Semchenko, PA, MS; Sioux Falls

Pain Management
Leslie Hershkowitz, MD, Yankton

Pain Management/Family Medicine
DeeAne Otto, CNP, Le Mars

Palliative Care
Tonya Venhuizen-Matt, CNP, Sioux Falls

Michelle Bleile, MD, Sioux Falls
Jacquelyn Choate, MD, Sioux Falls
Bari Fritz, MD, Aberdeen
Shannon Gabriel-Griggs, MD, Sioux Falls
Desiree Langel, MD, Sioux Falls
Karla Murphy, MD, Sioux Falls
Heather Peck, MD, Sioux Falls
Diane Sneed, MD, Sioux Falls

Mary Kathleen Miller, DO; Springfield, Yankton
Marty Allison, MD, FAAP; Pierre
Christine Arnold, MD, Mitchell
Kara Bruning, MD, Sioux Falls
Shari Eich, MD, Sioux Falls
Mina Hafzalah, MD, Sioux Falls
Shannon Hoime, MD, Sioux Falls
Dawn Larson, MD, FAAP; Yankton
Christiane Maroun, MD, Sioux Falls
Katherine McGraw, MD, Mitchell
Jolene Meis, MD, Le Mars
Bretta Olson, MD, Pierre
Nicole Poppinga, MD, Pierre
Tatiana Sergeev, MD, Brookings
Jennifer Tegethoff, MD, Mitchell
Kassy Thorpe, MD, Aberdeen
April Willman, MD, FAAP; Mitchell
Amber Johnson, CNP, Sioux Falls
Kim Kee, CNP, Mitchell
Teresa Cass, CPNP, Pierre
Cheri Kovalenko, FNP, Sioux Falls
Joanie Holm, NP, Brookings
Angela Deubel, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Renae Gerlach, PA-C, Mitchell
Tanya Trucken-Miller, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Maria Palmquist, MD, Sioux Falls
Shannon Backstrom, CNP, Sioux Falls
Molly Berg, CNP, Sioux Falls
Emily Roberts, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Kali Swift, LCGC, MS; Sioux Falls

Plastic Surgery
Tammi Stangohr, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Alissa Redding, DPM; Marshall, Redwood Falls
Christine Wiarda, DPM, Yankton

Angela Majeres, PA-C; Sioux Falls, Worthington

Dayna Groskreutz, MD, Sioux Falls
Lori Hansen, MD, FACP; Creighton, Osmond, Plainview, Vermillion, Yankton
Dana Buus, CNP, ACNP; Sioux Falls
Birgit Heeren, CNP, Sioux Falls

Radiation Oncology
Barbara Schlager, MD, Sioux Falls
Kathleen Schneekloth, MD, Sioux Falls

Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology
Sheryl Siegmund-Weekly, MD, Aberdeen

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Teresa Schelhaas, CNP, Sioux Falls

LeAnn Bassing, MD, Yankton
Christine Halligan, MD, Sioux Falls
Kara Petersen, MD, Sioux Falls

Sports Medicine/Family Medicine
Jane Hartman, DO, Marshall

Jean Gerber, MD, Aberdeen
Traci Kruse, MD, Marshall
Connie Morrison, MD, Worthington
Theresa Oey, MD, Brookings
Rochelle Stark, MD, Marshall
Rebecca Nichols, CNP, Sioux Falls
Keeley Pollman, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Gwen Smith, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Julie Ann Linatoc, MD, Sioux Falls
Jessica Leiberg, CNP, Sioux Falls
Becky Klemme, CNP, Sioux Falls

Kimberly Dewing, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Leah Mergen, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Vicki Blake-Nafus, PA-C, Pierre
Amber Chambers, PA-C, Sioux Falls
Angela Mathiason, PA-C, Sioux Falls

Wound Care
Shelly Monnens, APRN-BC, CWS, CWOCN, RN, FNP, MSN; Sioux Falls