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Why consider Avera Health Plans?

Avera Health Plans is here to help you understand all your health insurance options.




Health care reform can be confusing — we are focused on assisting you to:

  • maximize your benefits and
  • keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.


Ten Reasons why You should Choose

Avera Health Plans

  1. Connects you to Avera Health and Avera Medical Group — the region’s largest health care organization and recognized and ranked nationally for patient safety, reputation and advanced technology
  2. Access to a provider network that includes over 3,800 health care professionals and 92 hospitals
  3. Website and mobile app available for you to access your benefit coverage and network of providers
  4. Nationwide network available when traveling
  5. My 365 — online access and personalized website tools to help you make lasting changes and live healthier
  6. The latest technology from Avera eCAREservices
  7. Nationwide pharmacy network and pharmacy benefits
  8. Wellness education available online via website, apps, newsletters and wellness fairs
  9. Claims processed and questions answered in our local South Dakota office
  10. Online claims inquiries and medical information are available from your Avera Health Plans mobile app or our secured website 24/7.

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