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Request a Prayer from the Avera Prayer Line

My Help Comes From the Lord, Psalm 121:2

The Avera Prayer Line offers you the ability to pray for others or to post a prayer if you are in need of prayer. Our prayer line is connected to the prayer ministries of Avera's sponsors, the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.

Prayer Requests

August 11

I'm feeling really depressed. I'm going on interviews and I keep getting no's. I don't know if my previous job gave me a bad reference because the supervisors used to pick on me and they terminated me. I need a financial blessing. i'm a single mom with a autistic child and bills that has to be paid.
Vanity, Tn

Pray that God or Jesus cools me and my mom down.
Amber , FL

Please pray for my nephew Adam who's undergoing a 6+ hour back & spine surgery today. Adam's given his life and love for our Country as a 20+ year Army Veteran, a devoted husband and father of 2 special needs children and has never been one to ask for help. Please keep Adam, his surgery team, and Adam's family in your thoughts and prayers today
Lord Philip, TX

August 10

Please pray for my mental health issues from deafness discrimination and ugliness and poor. I am oppressed and wounded. Please pray for my sickness such as headache.
Terina , NZ

August 9

Please pray for me. I'm a 68 yr old man with very bad lower abdomen pain had 2 ultrasounds done with several doses of antibiotics but nothing is working. I'm in a lot of excruciating pain especially the last 2 weeks nobody knows what is wrong. please pray that this will improve and go away.
William, MO

Requesting prayers for my father Dominic who is in icu with multiple organ diseases and heart attack. Please pray for his speedy recovery.
Raji, Ua

August 8

Please pray that I do amazing this afternoon and that everything taught to me comes to mind and that I exceed and excel. That I am not nervous and that I find favor with my supervisors and customers.
Carol, AL

pray for my wife lucyna. diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer. doctors offer no hope. WE NEED A MIRACLE.
jerry, ca

Please pray for me and my family. everything is going to be messed up if I lose my job. I don't have money to pay my loan. I pray I think God don't listen to me. there is no one to help me. please pray for Us.
Momo, IN

Please pray for me. I need God's help healing asking for the strength endurance and mental stamina to continue and never give up.
Stephanie, OK

August 7

My prayer is for my nephew who is in the hospital battling a serious infection that has affected his body. I ask for Jesus to place your healing hands upon this dad, and give strength to his wife and young son during this time.
Laurie, WI

Please pray for Grandma Jean. She needs healing to go home from where she broke her femur. Please pray for her inner peace as well as outer. And hope she returns home soon.
Buck, Fl

Please shower Christine, Ericka and I with unlimited everlasting love, peace, health, joy, wisdom and abundance, immediately and forever. Protect and shield from all forms of negativity. Thank you. I love you. Amen.
April, TX

August 6

Motorcycle accident brain injury want to walk and talk normal again.
Michael, AZ

Please pray for healing from high blood pressure and unexplained pain and exhaustion. May He miraculously clear any blocked arteries or damaged vessels.
Jess, VC

August 5

Heavenly Father, please fill me with Your life, love and presence. Please surround me with Your peace. Please help me to see my worthiness in your eyes. Please heal me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Please release me from all vestiges of the past and fill me with optimism for the future. I ask this in Jesus's holy name. Thank you, amen
Taryn, IL

Please pray for my step father Kevin. He needs god now more than ever for inner healing. He used to be a believer but now he talks about committing suicide and that god is not real. He needs so much healing especially with the losses in his life
Jessica, Oh

August 4

My prayer is for my dad who is in the hospital suffering from a ecoli infection that has affected his whole body. I ask for Jesus to place your healing hands upon my dad & to remove this illness. Amen
Caroline, NY

Please prayer that my days get better for which I am battling with a lot and also struggling with financial needs.
Akesha, La

I would like for the person who prays for me to just please tell God, thank you for me! I just want him to know how much I love him. Please tell him how grateful I am for his love.
Tonya, MS

Pray to help my sister hospitalized abroad. She was not expecting to get sick, already has cancer, but became ill away from home. Pray that she returns to us in California, please.
Moya, Ca

Please pray for me. I am suffering from cancer in my full body, 4th stage. I have cancer. Last 1 year I was admit the hospital.

August 3

Please pray for Junior. God make a way and soften his hard heart. I ask in Jesus name Amen
Sc, Tx

I would like prayer to receive a very great miracle just for me that will completely work in my favor.
Sharnice, GA

Please pray for me Katarina for my financial blessing ...
Katarinaa, NJ

August 2

Please pray for my mother and her time when she needs a strength and healing power of the Lord to give her home safely. we just asked for this all the prayers that God heals her and to get her home to her family
Keondra, Mi

I'm in need for a healing prayer for my friend. Her name is Tamaika, she's very sick. I would like you guys to pray for her so that God can heal her. Please pray for her so that she can be heal.
Marie, NY

I'm am a diabetic and I have hypertension and other medical issues. Last night I couldn't breathe and tightness in my chest. I'm scared please pray for me and my kids.
Tina , Us

August 1

Please help me pray for my husband to get a job. He's been out of work since January. Please pray that the Lord will bless him with a job before the end of 2022. And his resume has favor to whatever job he apply for. Please pray that our finances are bless & we will have a financial break through. Also, please pray that we will sell the home we living in. It will sell within 30 days.
Felicia, IL

I need prayers. I suffer from a neurological illness and and inner ear illness that is affecting my ability to work. This illnesses makes me tired, dizzy, shaky I get blurred vision and have difficulty breathing and eating. Please, pray I’m healed. I have to work to pay bills and an elder mom to care for. Thank you all.
Martha, Ca

July 31

That my family be strengthened and made more holy through all the sufferings and changes that are occurring. That we all look to Jesus for healing, direction, and personal relationship with HIM. Thank you.
Rachel, SD

I have a couple of prayer requests. That I can find a good home for my dog Duke and that he will be a good boy at his new home and not be a bad boy. Pray everything goes well at court August 19. Our financial worries. That our car gets fix soon. That we have a healthy granddaughter. Get a raise at work. Family
Sarah , Tx

Please pray this spot on my leg is nothing serious. Thank you.
Jennifer , AL

My marriage is on the brink of divorce. I pray my wife's heart becomes healed and we renew our marriage. Please pray!
Thomas, Mi

Please pray that I am alcohol free and my health is restored.

July 30

Please pray that Debra will get her license back with the Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles. thank you
Debra, MA

Father God please love me, and favor me, and protect me, and bless me all by Your grace and mercy alone now and forever in Jesus name amen
Xesus, Ak

My sister is in the hospital and is very very ill. She needs all the prayers in the world. please God please save her. she's only in her 30s.
Aftan, Ks

July 29

Please pray for my daughter Braelynn and Derrick to reconcile & build a healthy and loving relationship. I also pray that they bring God into their relationship when they reconcile.
Lisa, TX

Please pray that my current pregnancy is healthy, that I carry this baby to term and give birth to my rainbow baby. That I may be trusting and have faith that God's in control and that I will be held as I navigate this with strength. For my peace, comfort and emotional healing.
Amanda, WA

Please pray that my Covid rids of my body completely and doesn’t worsen, as I’ve battled it many times before and worry it will have long lasting effects on my already worn body. Please pray that I make it through. Please pray that my underlying illnesses disappear as there is no cures nor treatment. Please pray over all those around you and I, and anyone who needs it most. Thank you
Lindsey, PA

Please pray for my daughter she's at this school taking classes when she is done she'll be working from her house she says remembering all those things is hard her name is Jametrus
Marcia, SC

I am jivitesh from india please pray that my hold business bill will get pass in gm modular company and I will get my payment. I am in very poor situation. I have done loan and invested the money please pray that I can get my money back.
Jivitesh, ct

Please pray that my husband returns to God. Pray for his salvation. Pray that he returns to me, his covenant wife. Pray God restores our marriage. AMEN
Cherokee, CA

Pray for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for Alyssa who has experienced multiple forms of severe trauma. Pray for protection against the enemy. Pray for me. Pray for healing of our friendship.
Rachel, TX

Someone is trying to sue us, so please pray for guidance in this matter and protection. I don't think we know any lawyer to support us. Please pray.
Thanks! R.C.F.
r.c.f., CA

July 28

Please pray for my marriage. My husband is trying to divorce me. He first put the divorce on hold & called it a miracle. Now he is not wanting anything to do with our marriage. Please pray God will restore this marriage & through the Christian attny. He has given me-that we will get court ordered marriage counseling.
Makenzie, FL

Please pray for Matthew to be healed of his kidney disease and kidney stones.
Matthew, In

Just praying that God heals my mind heals my relationship and helps me to forgive all of the past infidelities move forward in love prosperity and also heal me in my fiancé of all childhood hurts pains and wounds that would have us to not love one another properly
Larisha, Ca

I would ask you to pray for a family needing employment. The daughter in law is seeking employment and the sons job is about to expire due to the recession. The family is desperately needing employment opportunities to make ends meet. Thank you !
John, Tx

July 27

Please will you pray that my friend Lydia will turn wholeheartedly back to Jesus. She’s suffering and confused and lost and needs to know God’s covenant love so much. Thank you.
Anne, UK

I need help and prayer. I am a 55 year old, single woman with no retirement. I have daily pain in my back, right arm and in both hands. Working full-time is becoming more and more difficult. I have no significant other or children--only myself to rely on (which is no comfort). I have lost ALL interest and will to live. 
Natalie, NV

July 26

Please pray for John, diagnosed with sepsis, etc, thank you.
John, Pa

July 25

Plz pray for my mother. she is in hospital and suffering from physically and mentally sickness. plz pray for her. i believe in Jesus so much. plz plz pray for her speedy recovery
Amen, Sakshi

My wife and I planned to adopt 3 children we have raised in foster care. We love these kids and they want to be adopted.
Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer. I had a serious surgery that left me with two ostomies. We are waiting for what is next for the cancer. We need a miracle, please pray for our family. We are a Christian family.
Paul, OH

July 24

Help me to know I am safe and loved and I matter. Please help me and my husband figure out how to find peace and love with each other. Help us to grow together. Help us to trust and forgive each other and help guide us thru overcoming our past
Kim, Fl

Please pray for my elder brother for a good salaried job. he is struggling with finances and depression. there are a lot of bondages in his life. please pray for his wife too. she is physically handicapped and lacks zeal and zest for God. pray for their son Zion that he has a spiritually stronger and blessed life. he is 2 years old.

Please pray for me. I need financial help.
Van, NM

Please pray for me that god would bless me with money to pay off all of my debts and bills. pray god would bless me with money to buy my own home
Shereese, NJ

July 23

Please pray for Viviann who suffers from severe headaches and depression and Tristan who suffers from depression and stomach pain. Heal them physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally in Jesus name. Amen
Elizabeth, Tx

Please pray for a breakthrough for an immediate affordable steady housing option with a possible new compatible roommate to help share expenditures. Praying for God's Favor and Blessings to be upon Leland in this time of need.
LJ, Tx

Please pray for me. I have a son and desperately need a job and a place to live. With God's help the company I applied to will hire me. Pray the company will reach out to me this Monday with a job offer. Amen
Daniel, Tx

July 22

Prayer request for Magdalena, Jhana and Cordelia. To heal these women with a miracle in their lives and deliver them from depression. Pray to heal Cody of injuries from a car accident.

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage.
Alicia, TX

Please pray for my family. Please pray my husband will call and let me see our little girl. Please pray he restores are family soon. thank you
Jill, La

July 21

We pray today for Devonte who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. We thank you for the medical team caring for him. Show us how to be present with them through our prayers, cards, calls, visits and tokens of love. Especially be with aunt Amy when they hit a recovery plateau and don’t seem to be making positive progress. Give her peace. Speak to her heart. Guide her. Encourage her. Amen
Autumn, Ok

Please pray for me to be cancer free.
Anthony, NY

Lord please bless me with a room to stay tomorrow. I need a Mother Figure. Please remove me off the streets and homeless. Bless me with money so I won't have to beg. Lord do a Miracle for me today. Give me a home today.
Nancy, SC

Please pray for my sister Rita who is terminally ill with cancer. She is now on Home Hospice. Despite our strong Catholic upbringing she is sick and scared. I pray for her peace of mind and soul and to feel the Grace of God as the end approaches. Please pray for her with me. May God Bless you for caring.
Perry, RI

Please ask our lord to show mercy upon me. please pray that the pain will leave me in peace. please pray for me. sorry it seems strange but I'm begging for the lord's help.
James, EN

Please pray for me as I am not been able to be at peace with myself. I am constantly under stress, pain and anxiety. Feels like my brain is deep fried from past many months. there is soreness in my heart. everyday feels like a burden. i feel like giving up. its getting too much to bear.

Please pray that I control my stuttering and that I am pain free and I'm able to pass the academy.
Robert , CA

July 20

Kindly please pray for Charlie who is currently suffering a mental health crisis. Thank you very much.
Charlie, CA

Please pray for a friend who is going to be taken off ventilator tomorrow to make a full recovery. Let her be healed and made whole again. Pray for her family especially her son who is spinning out of control. Heal her family.
Laura, MO

Please pray for daughter, Braelynn to reconcile with Derrick. They went through a rough path, broke up, & now having a hard time trying to find their way back to each other.
Lisa, TX

I need prayers for saving my relationship with Justin and keeping my family together. I know he can save mine. We can't do it without God's help. Please help with prayer, I can't do this on my own.
shawna, wi

July 19

Please pray God opens a door for full time work with good wage. Thanks Brothers/Sisters.
Kathy, Co

July 18

O Lord, thank you for listening to my request. I have misused my health and time and money because of which I am very worried now. I have full faith that He will help me. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you all very much.
Nadeem, pk

I was sold a unsafe van. I’m asking for my money back out of court
Tammy, Ma

That my chronic pain will go away so that I may forever continue to thank and serve God. I trust he will relieve this pain. Lord thank you do not forsake us. Have mercy on our sins and please hear our prayer.
Michael , NJ

July 17

Please pray we find our dream farm and house and that we can afford it. It’s complicated because my husband loves the city. I’m not sold on the city we live in currently or even the state. Not sure where God would have us but I know He knows what’s best for us. I just want land and the vision in my head to become a reality for my children.
Chelsea, TN

Please pray for my fiance's employer to turn in the paperwork that's needed for his visa process quickly and for the petition to be approved as soon as possible
Karin, GA

Please Pray that I come to know Jesus. Thank you.
Steven, NS

July 16

Could you all please pray to the Lord to heal my kidneys. I been diagnosed with esrd. pray in the name of Jesus for you all to pray for miraculous healing of my kidneys as well as strength.
Olinda , IL

July 15

I'm 49 years old with 3 children and have been diagnosed with stage 4 heart failure I need God's help.
Chris, Ks

Please pray for me I am very sick.
Van, Nm

Please pray for my physical health.
Allison, Mi

Please pray for the healing of my brother who was involved in a motorcycle accident. His lung is punctured, misalignment of his spine, and has severe road burns across his body. Thank God he is still with us!
Kim, SD

Jill's husband Andrew is in a bipolar episode and won't let her see their 3 year old daughter. Please reunite this family. They all love each other SO much.
Jill, LA

I am experiencing this heaviness on my chest and brain fog again. A few months ago I was waking up in the middle of the night literally feeling like someone was stabbing me in my chest. Along with feeling like someone was suffocating me. I need protection and healing for family.
Victoria, CA

July 14

Pray for me and Lucinda to restore our relationship and finally get married. In Jesus name amen.
Mark, Pa

Please pray for Christine who has stage 4 bone cancer and Lynette who is recovering from a seizure. We are praying that Jesus will heal and strengthen them. God bless.
Kathy and John , NJ

Please pray for me. I have been having issues with my back. I know that through Jesus I have been healed. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for your prayers.
Ken, TX

God I pray I get my card replaced. I need the money for my children. Their customer service system keep hanging up. God, please help and send money. Amen
Brittany, NJ

July 13

Please pray for my daughter to have a personal relationship with God. Please pray kind people cross her path in life. Please pray for her safety, protection, health, happiness, finances, and salvation. Thank you and God bless you.
S.H., Al

Please pray for healing for my son and his family. They have COVID with fever that is very high low and low oxygen level. Thank you.

My son-in-law won't let me see my grandson anymore. My grandson is a bully, hits his mom and is a troublemaker but his dad won't discipline him. We have an upcoming family birthday party. Pray I can see my grandson.
Winella, PA

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