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Request a Prayer from the Avera Prayer Line

My Help Comes From the Lord, Psalm 121:2 

The Avera Prayer Line offers you the ability to pray for others or to post a prayer if you are in need of prayer.  Our prayer line is connected to the prayer ministries of Avera's sponsors, the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.

Prayer Requests

Oct 25
humbly ask anyone reading this to please pray that I reconcile with my coworker Julie. We don't see eye to eye on a situation. I ask that God please intervenes to fill our hearts with peace, kindness, and respect for each other. If reconciliation isn't to be, I pray God may fill our hearts with kindness to each other, even if no words pass between us. Thank you. In Jesus name, Amen

Oct 24
Please pray for healing in my chest and arm. I believe in the power of prayer
Vera, MD

Oct 24
Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom, bigs gains, winner's life of bigs gains, chance success healthy healing in Jesus name
Pastor Thieringo

Oct 23
Thank you very much for the prayers, thank you!! My dad had a very good first oncological operation. Thank you!! But on November 3 or 4 will be the second oncological operation, please pray for my dad Viktor, so that the 2nd operation will go well also. Thank you soo much! Thank you from me, my dad and my mother!!

Oct 22
My dad had a mini stroke and lost his speech
James, NY

Oct 22
please pray for Sharon's heart, lungs, kidneys, colon, back. Elizabeth's neck, spine, tiredness to leave. johns back, knees. October to be healed. Suzan's back. grace and bobs healing for me my neck, spine, colon, blood pressure to lower, vertebras to quit slipping out all the time. please pray for Sharon's, Suzan's, Elizabeth's, johns and my finances. thank you
Dan, MN

Oct 20
Please say a prayer for my Great-Nephew Nicholas who is in ICU fighting Covid/Pneumonia. Please lord, lay your precious hands over his lungs and get rid of the pneumonia. We ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Your family is praying for you and we love you Nick
Joann, TX

Oct 19
Hi my name is Kynan. Pls pray for my healing. I've lost almost all emotional connections and memories. I live in darkness. I cant hold on. Pls pray for my miracle
Kynan, HI

Oct 15
I have been diagnosed with diabetes, glaucoma, high and low blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression. I'm on dialysis, pray for the after effects. Tiredness, weakness in both legs, no energy, no balance all over my body, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor circulation in both legs, pain in both knees, both arms, both elbows, both legs, body itching. I had surgery done on the bottom of my left foot. Pray that God has all ready healed my foot.
Meliton, TX

Oct 15
Please pray for my husband Jeff. He is in ICU on a vent with Covid. They are trying to wean him off the vent, but he becomes frantic and scared and tries to remove the vent himself. Please pray that God will calm him enough to gradually come of the vent. Pray that his organs stay healthy and that his lungs heal.
DeeKay, KY

Oct 15
Dealing with health issues for while. Now intense sleep issues, anxiety and depression. Have small son to to take care of so in fear. I pray that my medicine works. Please God help me hand this over to you and fill me with peace, love, trust & ability to forgive myself. Thank you 
Winona, PA

Oct 14
Hi, Please pray for Juan, that GOD would heal him now from Covid and that he recovers soon. I ask GOD to send miracle to heal his pain and send him back home to his wife and family. I know YOU are the one and ONLY in Jesus name I PRAY TO YOU, Amen
Ericka, TX

Oct 14
Please pray my daughter Katlyn is healed of her stomach issues, casts her cares upon Jesus, finds joy, and feels forgiveness and love.

Oct 12
Eddie is in ICU in Mississippi just diagnosed with Covid (his family had it) he passed out and is now on a ventilator, he’s unresponsive and his organs are showing signs of pending failure, a lung specialist is flying in tomorrow. Please please pray his family loves and needs him so much!

Oct 11
I would like to pray for my dad to be blessed continuously by the Lords government. So that he will always prevail in the works the Lord provides for him. My mom also needs prayers for many things, she's beautiful smart strong and a wonderful grandmother to all her grandchildren. I wish for strength for her so they can spend more time with her.
Rebecca, TX

Oct 4
dear lord, please protect alayna's life and health. please watch over her and make sure she continues to breathe. please guide her body to health and happiness so that we can see her continue to live a bright and healthy life. please guide her to life so that she can continue to touch the hearts and minds of everyone she touches so that they can feel your love through her. Dear lord, please watch over Alayna and her family and keep them safe.
Chris, MD

Oct 4
Please pray for my husband who has covid 19 pneumonia & is in icu & on a ventilator. He is in serious condition. He has been sick now going on 3 weeks. Please pray for him in hopes God will heal him from this virus. Restore his lungs & make him able to breath on his own. I ask this in the name of our lord Amen
Dena, ID

Oct 4
Please kindly pray for the speedy recovery of my 73 year old mom who has stomach issues. She feels bloated. I humbly request you to pray for her speedy recovery for her health to be restored to perfection asap.Thank you for your prayers!
kas, OK

Oct 4
Please pray for greater love and stronger bond in relationship with each other and for more communication peace unity, compassion healing understanding consideration cooperation commitment companionship compassion and understanding agreement joy steadfast harmony support loyalty trust faithfulness comfort respect forgiveness and joy.
Alexander, IL

Oct 3
Please pray for my mother Norma . She is in ICU and on a ventilator. Her lungs are severely damaged due to COVID/pneumonia. I know the power of prayer is powerful and God is wonderful. I ask if you can please pray for her healing and to give her strength to keep fighting. For God to heal those lungs. And let her overcome this battle. I know with Faith, hope and prayer anything is possible with God. Thank you and may God bless you
Priscilla, CA

Sept 30
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I pray that my wife will regain her faith, that the Lord will restore our marriage, to find a job, to fast as much as possible, to pass a teaching competition and my studies, to grow with Christ and to be independent. I pray that my loved ones will be saved, that the Kingdom of God and that the world will be baptized with the Holy Spirit! Be richly blessed!

Sept 28
My mother Valsamma has been undergoing treatment of cancer. Please pray to Jesus for her healing and restoration of health. Today the doctor said her recovery is impossible due to pneumonia around the cancerous tissues within the lungs. Thank you so much for your prayers. Thanks,
Cerine, IA

Sept 28
Please help me pray for salvation of Gene andI ask that the Lord fills Gene w the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit in his heart, he will be able to fulfill the 1 commandment Jesus said we have, which is to love God & our neighbors as ourselves. Deliverance/Salvation for Gene will not only prevent more victims of his abuse but also make him a living testimony of Gods mercy. In Jesus name amen.

Sept 25
Please pray for my twin sister Linda who I love dearly. We are inseparable. She is fighting covid in the ICU. She is also a Type 2 diabetic. Please pray that her lungs completely heal and she can return back to her family. She is a newlywed and finally found the man of her dreams, the love of her life. They haven't had enough time together yet. There is still so much she wants to do. Her little Dog Bella misses her terribly. I ask you Lord to remove this infection so that she can start to get better. I know YOU are the one and ONLY in Jesus name I pray Amen
Brenda, SC

Sept 25
My name is Jesu and I'm from India. Please pray for me.
Jesu, India

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Avera is the health ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, S.D., and the Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen, S. D. The Sisters welcome and respect people of all beliefs and traditions. Avera colleagues throughout the organization share the Sisters' values, and many join with the Sisters in holding these requests in prayer.

Guidelines for Entering a Prayer Request

In posting your prayer request, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

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  2. Do not identify another person or situation, or provide any confidential information in your prayer. (No last names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, etc.)
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  5. At this time, we are able to receive and post only prayers in English.
We will review all prayer requests and attempt to post them within 24 hours. We reserve the right to edit requests for content, confidentiality and length, and to not post those requests that we deem inappropriate.

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