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Request a Prayer from the Avera Prayer Line

My Help Comes From the Lord, Psalm 121:2 

The Avera Prayer Line offers you the ability to pray for others or to post a prayer if you are in need of prayer.  Our prayer line is connected to the prayer ministries of Avera's sponsors, the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.

Prayer Requests

Sept 23
Father God I come to you today because I'm in need of a financial blessing for I miss days of work for being sick with laryngitis and bronchitis. have rent due car payment in my check is not going to be enough to cover it. I have a son in jail and I need to help him as well. father God please hear my mother's cry for help in Jesus name I pray and I thank you. please bless me with this miracle today. is it possible in Jesus name I pray amen
Keiah, TX

Sept 23
Please pray for my daughter who will soon have her 1 year check up after her cancer diagnosis. Please pray for health, healing and well-being for her. She has a young child to love and raise. May God bless her.
Jean, SD

Sept 22
For more than 3 month, I have a weird health concern. I feel soreness and inflammation in my hip, thighs, calves, feet muscles. Maybe I don't have faith as small as a mustard seed but someone out there must be having it. With hope and belief I beseech you to pray for my health and peace of mind. Thank you, regards and God bless.
Ajay, NY

Sept 22
Please pray that good people donate to a poor rural charity to pay off debts during this difficult pandemic. thanks

Sept 21
Please, pray for the restoration of my marriage: Jairy and Miguel. And for my daughter Nazareth, so she can have a united family. Thank you. God bless you!
Jairy, GA

Sept 21
Prayer my Auntie Cynthia back to normal health, she has pneumonia. And need speed recovery from by pass surgery.
Sanova, CA

Sept 19
Please i'm asking for everyone to pray with me and seek God with me for my husband Gene he has had a kidney transplant for over 20 years now and its now starting to give out please pray that he doesn't have to go back onto dialysis and another transplant and that his kidney function will go up to a 50% or 60% or 100% workage again. And that with our faith and trust in God when he goes to his doctor on October 28th that they do another test and that it will show his kidney function has increased not decreased. And that he has this faith and strength to. I have faith even though I'm scared and don't want to lose him and my son needs his daddy. please please pray with me. More than one come together makes it stronger God can and will heal my husband. Our family needs him.
Taliea, WA

Sept 19
Dear sister's, I would like to Request Healing prayer for my father VICTOR who was infected with covid 19 may he be healed by the hand of Lord amen
Penny, NY

Sept 16
Dear Sisters, pray that I Alan, by the infinite mercy and grace of the most high healer, am healed of my psychosis, where I can communicate with the live television and radio, having suffered symptoms for past 13 years. Thank you.
Alan, CA

Sept 14
Please pray for my friend Jason for healing and fast recovery. He has diabetes and was admitted in ICU.
Wenddy, IA

Sept 14
Please pray for healing for my friend who is fighting cancer .
Mary, SD

Sept 14
Please pray for Nina's salvation. Nina lives in Sweden. God has laid a burden on my heart to pray for Nina. Pray for Nina to become married to a God fearing man that will become her husband.

Sept 14
Can you Please bless this house, praying that God the Father allow us to stay together while keeping all our benefits. Rent, health insurance, and food. In Jesus name, Amen! I love you alll and give thanks for all the prayers. May God bless you!
Bobby, OH

Sept 14
Hi, all you here who believes in miracles please pray for my Mom so God in Jesus Christ Name will completely heal her from head to feet. I believe that Jesus Christ is still in charge of our bodies and God will hear and listen to him. Thank you
Ioan, CA

Sept 13
Please pray for my husband Rick that his oxygen and lungs improve that his immune system repairs he’s fighting for his life due to covid and my son and I need him home God please heal him Amen
Kristin, MA

Sept 13
Please pray for my boyfriend Eric. He is sick with COVID-19 and has been for 10 days. He is getting a monoclonal antibody infusion this morning, but I fear that he has already gotten too bad for it to help much. I am terrified. He doesn’t want to go to the hospital because he is afraid they will let him die. Please pray for him.
Amanda, TX

Sept 10
Please pray for my friend Paul to have strength to pull through in covid. he is currently in ICU on vent fighting his life. I ask God to send miracle to heal His pain and send him back home to his wife and 5 yr old son. 
Kate, CT

Sept 10
Please pray for my uncle Steve. He fell and sustained a head injury. Pray for healing. Thank you.
Vicki, MN

Sept 10
Hi Please pray for Ronald, that God would heal him now from covid and that he recovers soon. Thanks and God Bless

Sept 9
Please pray for my daughter Aleasha. She has a heart transplant and has Covid. Pray her body accept food and water and heal itself from Covid. Also pray for my young granddaughter Aryanna heal from covid. Much thanks and gratitude to you for the prayers.
Denyse, OK

Sept 9
Please pray for my mom she is on a ventilator in the icu, they had to shock her because her heart she’s is maxed out on the ventilator and maxed out on the medication her blood pressure is too low and her kidneys are getting worse she they are going to do dialysis on her I’m trying to be strong before she was put on the ventilator my mom said to me please don’t give up on me and I haven’t and won’t it’s breaking my heart so much.
Veronica, TX

Sept 9
Please pray for my Husband. My Husband has been in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia. He is on the ventilator and his body is at the max of all medications and oxygen.
Capricia, CA

Sept 8
Lord heavenly father, I ask that you heal and take away all hurt and sickness from my mother in law as she is currently in the icu on a ventilator and she is becoming weaker by the minute. please give her the strength to pull through. Also please protect and give my husband and 3 boys the faith to be strong during this hard hard time. I know YOU are the one and ONLY in jesus name i PRAY TO YOU
Katie, MT

Sept 8
Pray for me and my daughter and family that we don’t have COVID 19 or any other strands of the virus in Jesus name and let the test come back negative

Sept 7
I ask for prayers for myself and my family. I have been so obstinate with greed and sin. I did not comprehend how bad it was. I fear the outcome of my sins. I beg for GOD's mercy, forgiveness, and restoration to Himself.

Sept 7
I ask for prayers for myself and my family. I have been so obstinate with greed and sin. I did not comprehend how bad it was. I fear the outcome of my sins. I beg for GOD's mercy, forgiveness, and restoration to Himself.
Lynn, WI

Sept 7
God I pray for my daughter Kathleen who is a nurse to find the strength and the courage to believe in You and what she does. That in her times when she faces death, she can see You. Hospitals are sometimes a cross road between life and death. I pray that she finds peace within herself when bad outcomes happen and she doesn’t lose faith in her calling. With Your presence she has the faith and hope for those who face some of the hardest things in their lives.
Karyn, VA

Sept 6
Please pray for my husband who’s on a vent due to COVID Heal his lungs so he can wake Up be better and come home to his family
Kristin, MA

Sept 6
Hi please pray for my boyfriend dexter lockett who is sick with covid! I need all the prayer I can get! Thank you
Dexter, GA

Sept 6
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I pray that my wife will regain her faith, that the Lord will restore our marriage, to find a job, to fast as much as possible, to pass a teaching competition and my studies, to grow with Christ and to be independent. I pray that my loved ones will be saved, that the Kingdom of God and that the world will be baptized with the Holy Spirit! Be richly blessed!

Sept 5
1. live a loving family life as per the will of Loving GOD,JESUS 2. Fill with the Wisdom of Trinity and become responsible person 3. pray for my wife (her health),five kids and sixth one in womb

Sept 5
My mother in ICU on ventilator. Please give her strength to overcome this sickness and pain
Robert, AR

Sept 4
Please pray for my husband Jimmy who is in icu on a vent with covid. I am thankful for my own recovery but he is fighting for his life.
Julia, TN

Sept 3
God should remove the evil arrow inflicted in my body and deliver me from the power of darkness that is tormenting my life and success.
Israel, LA

Sept 1
Please pray for my daughter’s marriage with 4-7 years old.7 years old is cancer survivor, special need child. Please pray hard
Azar, AZ

Sept 1
Please pray for my family. Please pray that my husband will open his heart and let go of past issues and allow our daughter to come back home. She has made mistakes but won't do it again. Please pray that he forgives. She needs us so badly. We can't abandon her. He can be very stubborn so please Please pray that God can show him how to love unconditionally and allow forgiveness in his heart. We need trust, honesty and love back in our home. Please help us. Thank you.
Julia, TX

Aug 30
Please pray for me. I have covid and pneumonia. I am a 37 mom of 3 and a wife. I want to get better for my family! Thank you, God Bless us all!
Jennifer, AZ

Aug 28
Please pray for me i feel like i am stuck nothing is moving. I feel like i have a bad spirit fighting me and causing me to be unlucky and not to have a peace of mind.
Talent, OK

Aug 28
I am in need of prayers to help me find a new job please. My current boss is verbally abusive and mistreats her workers, including me. She cuts my pay illegally and I cannot do anything about it. I am a teacher and have applied to over 75 jobs. I recently did four interviews with one school and they rejected me, saying I did not have the right skin color. I am feeling so depressed. Please, God, send me the strength the continue the job search and allow the right doors to open for me so I may support my family. In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN
Brooke, WA

Aug 26
Hi can you guys please pray for my really good friend Denise day before yesterday she had a bad stroke in her head. She's in ICU, not doing good at all so please pray.
Melissa, NV

Aug 26
Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine. Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for Lorraine. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve, aunt Jackie and healing and long life for my mom's boyfriend Joe who has cancer.
Phil, SD

Aug 25
Please pray for my boyfriend Chris he's fighting covid 19. He's only 43 and has a big heart for helping others he would take the shirt off his back or the last dollar in his pocket and give it to anyone who needed it. Please pray for him our family needs him and I need him he's what holds our little family together.
Jenny, NM

Aug 23
Pray for my brother Steve with COVID Delta. His lungs have gotten no better after 3 weeks. We are praying for completely healed and restored lungs. In Jesus Name. Amen,

Aug 23
Daughter, Kimberly, getting test for covid. She's 52 and worried esp her daughter Coourtney who has Type 1 Diabetes and other issues and is only 22 doesn't want her to get it and rest of family. Please pray for good results and outcome for her and family. I pray Lord for your healing physically and emotionally and our world. 
Marlene, MI

Aug 23
Please pray for my fiancé, Bobby. He just finished chemo for colon cancer and now they have found a new growth that is affecting his kidney function. Lord, you are the Mighty Physician. We need a miracle. I ask that You remove the cancer and completely heal him from all sickness, so we can finally be united in marriage. In Jesus name, Amen

Aug 22
Please pray for my mom heather she’s in the hospital with Covid, we just lost our aunt this Friday morning from Covid and pneumonia
Ron, OK

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