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Request a Prayer from the Avera Prayer Line

My Help Comes From the Lord, Psalm 121:2

The Avera Prayer Line offers you the ability to pray for others or to post a prayer if you are in need of prayer. Our prayer line is connected to the prayer ministries of Avera's sponsors, the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.

Prayer Requests

Sept 23

I have some family problems and other issues going on and I pray that the lord fights for me and destroys all against me in any way, protects me, and the lord answers my prayers and supplies me with all of my needs asap.
Marie , MD

Sept 22

Pray for my nephew who is in ICU after having heart surgery. He's having complications. Pray that God's healing hands give my nephew strength to get thru the complications after surgery. In the name of Jesus we pray
Susan, Ca

Sept 21

There is less than 2 weeks that I have before I can leave an abusive situation safely. Please pray that I have all that I need and that all aspects of my life is protected without harm coming near me. Amen.
Marie, MD

My sister Debbie and I just got diagnosis of COVID, we are both elderly with chronic illnesses. Debbie is in hospital, and I am home. Please pray for healing for us both.
Lori, CO

Pray for Tayler’s mental, spiritual, and finances. Have angels follow him on his travels to remain safe
Pam, Mn

Pray for God to relive the stress my son is putting on me and my wife. We are old and need God to solve the problems. Thank you
Joseph, Tx

Sept 20

Kindly Pray for my father Rajarathnam. He is suffering from fever, Headache, severe cough and cold and body pains. Kindly pray for his healing.
Himabindu, In

Pray my wife Charlene returns home to me and we can reconcile our marriage. I don't want to lose her. we've only been married 6 mo. yet she is the center of my universe. im in torment without her. Thank you

Can you please up lift me in prayer I just found out I have covid today and I'm really sick. I don't need it going in my lungs cause I have to problems with my lungs. I'm stuff up and congested. I pray for a healing and this pain and fever will go away. Thank you and God Bless
Susan, IL

Sept 19

That God will do a miracle for me soon.
Pamela, MI

pray that God will put someone in my life. I want love and I'm having trouble finding it.
Keith, OR

Please pray for me and my wife's financial needs
Van, NM

Sept 18

Requesting prayer for Khadijah for salvation and deliverance.
Dee Dee, NY

Request for Sallie. she needs healing prayer for the blood clot that she has in her heart, and lungs, and she has covid 19. I pray that the blood thinner she is on gets rid of the clots and that she does not need any surgery or something similar to surgery and if she does we pray that everything goes great. She is currently in the hospital.
Sallie, Va

Urgent…Please join our family to pray for my sister Natalya for a healing miracle. she has 6 young kids and she has cancer.
Valentin, Oh

Sept 15

Please pray for my sister Jeane who is in hospital after been stung by wasps. Grant her a full recovery in the name of Jesus Amen
Rita, UK

Prayers please for God's help, understanding, clarity, healing, protection from addiction for John, Nikoya, Delores, Michelle, J Washington, J Walker Jr.
John, Ak

Sept 14

Please pray husband Felix salvation marriage deliverance from alcohol FATHER GOD restore my marriage remove his rudeness give him love compassion kindness towards me in Jesus name thank you
Sally, CA

Please help my family member DG and keep him free from pain and suffering and lift him out of his very serious state where he lies in ICU. Heal him quickly and steadily and restore peace and health. Please deliver the strength of all the family members love and support. Thank you dear God.
Carolyn, WI

Sept 13

Please pray for healing over Donald's knee. He has been in pain and unable to walk. Please send healing over his body and for things to be back how it should with him working again. Thank you. Amen
Trice, TX

Please pray for My husband. He had to go back to the hospital again. They were supposed to do some lab work and some tests. Pray that they will all come back okay that they will call me soon that things are okay that he will be able to come home soon. On meds that will clear things up. This I pray in Jesus Name Amen
Louella, OH

Hello, I have been having trouble sleeping lately, could you pray for me to have better sleep? I'm in desperate need for some rest. Thank you.
Verner, Tx

I have to write eleven papers in seven days. Please pray God gives me motivation, strength, wisdom, and protection to finish.
anonymous, HI

Prayer for my son as he is very depressed and disrespectful to me. pray for his good mind set and protection from Jesus Christ
Linda, Fl

Sept 12

Please pray for healing miracle for my daughter. she was hospitalized today with a very high risk of eclampsia causes convulsions and coma in pregnancy. she will be induce to labor in the next couple of days. for my other daughter COPD hard times to breath low oxygen level and kidney problems. for my husband children grandchildren myself thank you
a, Ri

Can you please help me pray against my abusive ex husband from taking my son from me. I have court the 19th of this month. He never was a dad to my child and now is fighting to take my son from me. I need God to help me like never before. I need the money to fight and favor in the courts.
Keanosha, OK

Our prayer is Jesus Christ chooses to heal John. The entire family is Christians. Like so many before him, many families desire life over losing someone young, loved much, and also wanting God's choice to wait or extend life. *In the end, it is our Lord's decision and God bless that decision!!! If so, may great strength from God prevail. Thanks be to God.
Daniel, NC

Please pray for my daughter, Daphne. I am 21 weeks pregnant awaiting amniocentesis results, and praying she has a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am praying for a fully healthy child, mind, body, and soul.
Dely, Ca

I am a victim and now a survivor of domestic violence. They look to me for answers and now I am able to assure them that we will be okay. However, I do not know if that is true. I do not know where the next meal will come from, or food, I’m staying with a friend for now.
Courtney, Ky

Sept 11

I'm having low blood sugar. I am feeling faint. I took some sugar but still feel faint. Please pray for me. I had a small stroke not so long ago. I also have some degeneration of the brain. Please pray for me. Also had a heart attack a very long ago.
Daniel, AK

Sept 10

My husband Chris has been very sick. He’s been feeling very weird and weak with fever for weeks and is suddenly unwell. Blood tests are showing some flags for further investigation.
Kelly , BC

Please pray that my girlfriend has a good day today. Please I am begging you. She is really depressed, stressed and anxious. Please pray things go well and she enjoys today.
Fred, Mo

Please pray for total healing and restoration of my health and salvation for my grandma and grandfather.
Rose, Ct

My wife has a sarcoma in her knee. She will be meeting with the surgeon on Thursday. Please pray that they have a plan to treat her and restore her health. Thank You.
David, IA

Sept 9

Please pray for my Parkinson's patient mother Kebira admitted in hospital. her lungs, severe chest infections, fever, cold, coughing with major swallowing problems be healed and she starts eating food from her mouth directly and she is discharged from hospital sound and healthy in Mighty Jesus name, Amen
Shahana, IN

Prayers pls for my right foot pain to entirely disappear with a topical patch. Thanks.
Jay, FL

Please pray for my mother who is not well. She has a lot of fear in her. Please remove the fear and let her live her own life
Helen, BR

My father is an absent parent, and my mother has been neglectful, abusive, dangerous, and stayed with a man she knew molested me. She’s had relations with men I dated or did things that were bad. She makes bad choices, has no friends and can’t keep personal things personal. I have seen therapists for years because of her. I ask the lord that she is not ever awarded grandparent rights at all.
Marie, PA

Sept 8

Please pray for Christine who has stage 4 bone cancer and is in pain. The tumors have broken her back twice. We are praying that Jesus will heal and strengthen her. Thank you for praying for Christine, our daughter. God bless!
Kathy and John , NJ

I need a prayer. My name is Andrew and I live in iowa. I'm a single father, hard worker, and America loving patriot. I'm slowly sinking. I kept us afloat so long and with now help. I lost grip of my ship if you will and we are sinking, both financially and mentally. I NEED a prayer my guy. Please pray for me.
Andrew, IA

Protection from the people who are not really there to help me. Abundance and joy
Marie, Co

End to mind battles of anxiety.
Steve, On

Please pray for me. I am very sick
Van, NM

Pray my household of 14 receives protection and financial security. I need to establish a client base for my counseling practicum. My former supervisor had an emergency triple heart bypass, so please pray for her family and counseling business.
Robert, AK

Sept 7

I'm (Jamal) asking for prayer for restoration to be restored back to God the Father and for every strongholds to be broken and destroy forever.
Jamal, NY

Urgent prayer for my enemies to be silenced and removed and nothing bad come to me for my marriage my family reconciliation and finances
Marco & Elda, TX

For myself to be forgiven and live blessed. heal my precious cat Ariel. please heal her and help me be the adult I need to be
Melissa, Nm

Sept 6

Please pray for me god would bless me with money to buy a house
Shereese, NJ

Please pray for my daughter Julie that she is cured of cancer. Thank you.
Joan, WI

Prayer request to myself so that God should help me with my whole school fees balance at school and help me with good grades so that I should graduate with my friends.
Carolyn, LL

Sept 5

me an my fiance in your prayers. we were in a bad car accident 7/27 we both had severe injuries. I lost 3 fingers and had a metal plate put in my wrist. I still have a hematoma on my head. He is still in the hospital with brain injuries. he also had a metal rod put in his leg and pins in his toes. we have a young child at home. just please lift us up in prayer. we are struggling financially to stay afloat.
Kayla, Nc

Sept 4

please pray restoration of the relationship for Charles and Leia and for the lord. a hedge of protection and the blood of jesus over them and their families in jesus name amen
maria, il

Please pray for restoration in our family between my mentally ill mother-in-law, daughter and the rest of our family. Thanks for praying!

Sept 3

I'm asking for prayers for breast healing. I have painful lumps that grow and causes pain when I drink caffeine. I'm suffering for years. now I'm asking the dear lord Jesus that they disappear from my body in Jesus name thank you
Tammy, Ma

My son and I are both lost in different ways. We need to go to church tomorrow, together! God must direct us to a church. It will our last Sunday together under the same roof.
Val, CA

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom, bigs gains, winner's life of bigs gains, favor of God, blessings, grâce of God, blessings, finance, business ' s prosperty, chance success healthy healing for pastor Thieringo , all this things must be covered by the blood of Jesus, in Jésus name
Pastor Thieringo 

My dad he is unwell. Doctor said it's cancer. Day by day he is getting weak. Plz I request you to pray for my dad.
moksh, Fi

Immediate and permanent breakthrough in my relationship with Kyle. For him to tell complete truths, for maturity, for the right words to come out of his mouth, for secrets to be exposed, for him to have an enormous conscious and not be able to lie or withhold secrets, for me to feel comfortable with who he is, for him to not hurt me or want to play with my emotions. 
Amanda, MI

Please pray for strength to get through what seems the hardest point in my life. Struggling w/debilitating pain awaiting surgery but financially beyond broke as I’m on LOA from work. Obstacles and trials left & right but don’t want to loose all hope cuz that’s when the Enemy wins. I pray for my family and my youngest son to see himself through Gods eyes. God bless u all
Linda, Ca

I am asking prayer to help me have faith that I can get better and please pray that I will recover. I had covid in October 2020 was on the ventilator for about 2 months then in hospital and rehab a long time. Still on oxygen cant walk due to bilateral foot drop and nerve damage but I'm trying. Just praying for healing.

Please pray for the healing of my heart valves and heart of sickness & disease. I am a non-smoker. I ride my bicycle 5-miles each day after work after 6:15 pm for exercise. Please pray that God will remove and absorb all sickness and disease from my heart valves. I have Faith.
Richard, Mi

My mother who is 83 years old and very strong, she is having shortness of breath and her Dr. is having her get a CT scan right now of her lungs. Please pray that God floods her whole being with Jesus blood and remove all not of God from her as well. Thank you.
Tracy, Ca

Sept 2

I would like to request that God give me clarity of having the assurance and the experience of being freed from deeply held insecurities and inadequacies about myself that stop me from living as well as bad habits that hinder me as well.
Ryan, VA

I’m asking that you please pray for my daughter and myself. We have been sick for much of this year with recurrent strep throat, flu, and Covid. Her tonsils are very swollen and I am praying for healing from this illness and for the inflammation to go down. Please pray her tonsils shrink and strep is eradicated from our bodies for good. Please pray for our immune systems and health.
Jenn, KY

I feel like all of my prayers are hitting a glass ceiling, it feels like everything is getting worse instead of better, nothing is working, I am trying to be proactive and instead there are more bills, more problems and I am struggling to keep the faith to believe that my financial miracle is around the corner - to help my family, support others in need and financially build God's kingdom.
Anon, AK

August 31

Please pray for my stepson Abraham who is currently in ICU. He was playing football when he collapsed in the middle of the field and is now with one side of his brain dead. Please pray for a miracle to happen and that he can be touched and healed by our creator.
Pedro, Tx

Baby girl born August 1, 2022 has failed hearing tests 8 times. Please pray for miracle healing of inner ear problem.
Ginger, IA

August 30

Prayer request for myself to overcome my fears and take care of my health that needs attention and to overcome my addictions and quit. i want to be a better role model for my children so they can overcome their addiction problems as well extra prayer for healing a traumatic family crisis with addiction and abuse please and thank you.
Delores, SD

I asked for prayers for my nephew, my great nephew and my friend that is incarcerated.
Helen , NC

Need a place to stay. Someone has my stuff and I need them. Need a job to provide for my basic needs.
Franco, Ny

August 29

I pray to lose a lot of weight soon for my health
carla, gl

Hello, would you and your staff please offer an urgent prayer to The Lord God for the redemption, deliverance and salvation of Bradley R. Thank you so very much!
pete, mn

Please pray for my mother health. She's suffering from brain hemorrhage with high bp issues. kindly please pray. She's in hospital from last 2 days with unconscious mind. doctors have clearly stated that only prayers will help. please pray for her health recovery.
Annie, GJ

Please pray that God will heal me of diabetes heart kidney liver teeth finances. God took my only child, mother, father and husband in 4 years . My depression and anxiety and the pain management that my doctor put me on. I can’t take this lonely life anymore. My heart is broken every day. Why am I still here? Why doesn’t God Answer my prayers?
Lorrie, FL

Please pray for my wife Linda battling cancer and for God's healing and comfort.
Kirk, DE

August 28

Please pray for Christine who has stage 4 bone cancer and is in pain. The tumors have broken her back twice. We are praying that Jesus will heal and strengthen her. Thank you for praying for Christine, our daughter. God bless!
Kathy and John , NJ

I’m begging God to heal my heart. I have a severely leaking mitral valve, and am facing open heart surgery to replace it. This would potentially cause me to have to make lifestyle changes, such as career choice, and also the ability to have children someday. I’m on 28. I’m asking God for a miracle, and I know He can do it…
Alicia, NJ

August 27

Please pray for Craig's brain to heal. To heal quickly and with a quality of life that allows him to enjoy it. Please pray for his kidneys to heal to keep the toxins from his body so he can heal quicker. Please pray for him to not be scared inside his head and for him to know that he is loved. For his strength to deal with his pain during the healing process.
Ben, Mi

Please pray my 17 year old daughter would come to know Jesus as her personal savior and be healed of severe mental illness. Also, please pray for my in-laws as well to come to know His goodness. Thank you!

My son have been locked up on false charges deliberately because of his color. My heart is broken because of it. I asked that you send him a word of encouragement and pray for his release. I pray and hope that these false charges be exposed as it is. In Jesus name. Amen.
Shandye, Mo

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