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Request a Prayer from the Avera Prayer Line

My Help Comes From the Lord, Psalm 121:2 

The Avera Prayer Line offers you the ability to pray for others or to post a prayer if you are in need of prayer.  Our prayer line is connected to the prayer ministries of Avera's sponsors, the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters.

Prayer Requests

April 18
Please pray that God will cure and heal NORMELITO, a good father and husband. For nearly 2 months, the hospitals cannot cure him. The doctors cannot figure out exactly what his sickness is. The family is now in debt because of the huge hospital bills and daily medicine maintenance. It is in God's hands now to do a miracle on him. But the family badly needs your prayers and well wishes. Thank you. God bless you all.
Jason, Bacolod

April 13
Please pray for my cousins and family as we celebrate the life of my Aunt and her battle with cancer.
Andrew, SD

April 12
Please join me in praying for my dear aunt who has a new serious health concern. May she have faith to calm her anxiety. May she have trust in surgeons, care team, and family that she will have the support that she needs. May she have the understanding that she is not a burden to anyone. It is a joy to be there for her as she has always been so caring and helpful to us. With love and confidence, I pray.

April 9
This is a request on behalf of a past employee, Marissa. She recently had twin baby boys. One of them was born with a heart defect. He has already had heart surgery. Now he is having complications. She desires to have as many people as possible pray for her son and family. Thank you in advance. 
Tanya, SD

April 8
Prayers for focus and strength for my daughter who is taking 2 very difficult classes pursuing a BSN while trying to balance the full time duties of a LTC DON position. prayers for strength courage and confidence to finish this semester.
Deb, SD

April 3
Please pray for healing for 2 year old Taylor under going chemotherapy. Also pray for her family as they have been through so much with Taylor's cancer diagnosis.
Joan, SD

April 2
We need my husband's mother's house to sell quickly so we don't go bankrupt. Please pray we are provided the love, faith, and hope to get through tough times as a family. St. Michael, defend us in battle. Thank you.

April 2
Prayer requested to as for healing for my mother-in-law, Judy, who was diagnosed with new onset heart failure last Friday. Also request prayers for my aunt and uncle who are dealing with a new diagnosis of B-Cell Lymphoma.
Steve, MN

April 1
Please could you pray that my husbands urologist appointment goes well tomorrow (4/2) and that they can take care of everything that needs to be done.
Jamie, SD

March 27
Praise the lord. please touch and agree with me that in the mighty name of Jesus our savior heals Javon body complete and makes me whole. My wife is also dealing with infirmity in her body. i know he is able. In Jesus name. Amen

March 26
Please pray for the most beautiful good lady who is in surgery right now for a lumpectomy. I love this person so much and everyone that knows her does too. She would be the first there for someone else in need. Praying for no spread of the cancer and that all can be removed. Thank you and God bless.

March 26
Please pray for R. as he faces the end of life and for his only son and daughter-in-law during this difficult time. Please pray for me, also, as I deal with chronic health issues. Thank you.

March 22
Dear Heavenly Father, Please Wrap Your Arms Around and Comfort My Father, David. Give Him Strength to Heal. Send Him All Our Love. Amen
LaDonna, MN

March 20
Hello, my name is Sharnice and I would like prayer to receive a very great and special miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires just for me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Thank you.
Sharnice, GA

March 19
Dear Father God. You know the situation where I feel as if I am being bullied at home. I do not have peace at home. The quality of my life is that of a dog compared to my roommates. Father God help me differentiate from what YOU see in the situation opposed to what man is saying. I went to man, the management here, and the police. Now I am coming to you. I want the nitpicking and bullying to stop. Father God I am standing firm. I'm not running from their stones. But I need this to stop. Waiting till I get home and following me on campus. Gossiping about me to others. And then putting me in a position of defenselessness. I pray that YOU clear my name and do not let my reputation be trashed by sinners. I pray I can go away in peace.

March 18
Please pray for my marriage restoration.My wife and i are living separately for 5 years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back. I am so scarred and worried and i don't know what to do. We don't communicate at all. I love her so much. Our marriage is on a brink of a break.Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart. I am so broken. I need help. Thank you

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Avera is the health ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, S.D., and the Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen, S. D. The Sisters welcome and respect people of all beliefs and traditions. Avera colleagues throughout the organization share the Sisters' values, and many join with the Sisters in holding these requests in prayer.

Guidelines for Entering a Prayer Request

In posting your prayer request, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Identify yourself by first name only.
  2. Do not identify another person or situation, or provide any confidential information in your prayer. (No last names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, etc.)
  3. Your request will remain on the site for approximately three weeks. Do not re-post the same request during this time.
  4. Limit your posts to no more than 500 characters per day.
  5. At this time, we are able to receive and post only prayers in English.
We will review all prayer requests and attempt to post them within 24 hours. We reserve the right to edit requests for content, confidentiality and length, and to not post those requests that we deem inappropriate.

Request Form

If you would like to make a prayer request, please use the form below. Your prayer request will be sent to the Benedictine and Presentation Sisters, and those not marked private will be displayed on this webpage.

Please press submit only once. There may be a short delay. Pressing more than once duplicates your submission.

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Avera is a health ministry rooted in the Gospel. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the lives and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values.

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