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Act Now to Continue Seeing Avera Providers

Act now if you want to continue seeing your Avera Medical Group provider in Minnesota.

If you want to have health insurance coverage Jan. 1 and continue to see your Avera provider, you must renew or apply with the UCare, HealthPartners or Medica plan by Dec. 15 to receive in-network services.

NOTE: This does not apply to you if you have Medicare/Medicaid or can receive health insurance through your employer.

Contact your agent today or visit to determine if you qualify for reduced premiums.

To Keep Avera as Your Provider:

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Frequently-Asked Questions about Individual Health Insurance

Below are common questions you might have about the upcoming changes in health insurance. We hope you find them useful. Learn more about your health insurance options at

What changes are happening with individual health insurance in 2021?

Health insurance is in a state of flux across the entire nation, and premiums are increasing for virtually everyone. In Minnesota, some health insurance companies are offering narrow networks which exclude Avera facilities and Avera Medical Group.

How can I know if this affects me?

This affects only people who purchased individual or family coverage through an insurance broker or MNsure, Minnesota’s online health insurance exchange. It does not impact people covered by group (employer) plans, Medicaid or Medicare.

How does this impact people who now have Blue Cross Blue Shield individual insurance?

The Blue Cross Blue Shield individual product, Blue Plus Minnesota Value Network, does not include Avera physicians and facilities. To maintain in-network access to an Avera provider, you would need to purchase the UCare, Healthpartners or Medica products.

I see an Avera doctor. How can I make sure he/she is in the provider network?

In southwest Minnesota, there are three companies providing individual and family health insurance plans: UCare, Healthpartners and Medica.

Is cost the only factor in purchasing a health insurance plan?

No. It’s very important to consider the provider network to maintain your ability to see the doctor of your choice.

What does in-network provider mean?

An in-network provider is one that contracts with a health insurance company to provide health services to plan members for specific pre-negotiated prices.

How can I get assistance?

A Certified Application Counselor (CAC) is available to assist people with online applications for health insurance purchased through MNsure. Call 507-537-9191.

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