AveraChart Frequently Asked Questions

Access Someone Else's Information (Proxy Access)

How can I access a loved one’s medical record?

You must request “proxy access” from your loved one’s clinic or hospital. The registration staff can assist you in signing up for proxy access. The patient will need to grant access to his or her medical record.

How do I set up a proxy account for my children?
Your children can be added to your existing AveraChart account. If your child(ren) is/are 12 years old or older, please complete the Proxy Form (completar del apoderado documento) and deliver to the clinic where your children are seen. Clinic staff will then add the children to your existing portal account, or create a new account if you do not have one. Proxy access for minors is limited to parents and legal guardians.

I have proxy access for a loved one. How do I view their information?

When you’re logged into the portal, you should see a "Change Person" button in the upper right corner of the screen. When you click that button you will see additional records you can access.

I can’t get access to my teenager’s record. What should I do?
If you have logged into your patient portal and cannot view your teenager's record, it is possible that your teenager has asked for privacy to his or her medical record, and you are encouraged to discuss this with your child.

I have access to multiple patient records. When I log in, I want to be in a different record than the one that it goes to by default. How do I change that?
From the portal Home page, select the Preferences link at the bottom. Select the Update User Preferences button.

Select the down arrow, and select a patient from the list. Submit the change. This patient’s record will automatically be displayed the next time you log in to AveraChart.

How can I see who has access to my AveraChart?
From the home page, select the Profile button. Users with access to your AveraChart are listed at the bottom of the page.

How do I remove someone's access to my information in AveraChart?

You have a right to revoke or remove an authorization for access to your AveraChart. Please complete and sign this form to revoke or cancel an authorization.

New Users

What do I need before I sign into AveraChart for the first time?

Enrolling is easy. Ask the registration staff at your clinic or hospital, and they will give you a printout with all the information you need to log in to AveraChart. If time allows, the registration staff can begin the process for you, and you will receive a link with a one-time username and password.

If you prefer, you can complete this secure online form to start the process. Please allow two business days to be enrolled.

What if I don't have an email address?
If you do not already have an email account, you can obtain one free of charge from various sources on the Internet (www.mail.yahoo.com, www.google.com/mail). You will be able to open your email account from any computer that has Internet access, and access AveraChart.

I received the AHSecure email, but I deleted it before I could login. What should I do?
Check your deleted folder first. If the email is not there, you can reach out to AveraChart Technical support for assistance Monday-Friday 7:30am – 6:30pm.


I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click the “forgot password” link located on the log-in page. Fill in your login ID and email address and a link will be emailed to you. Click on the link and follow the directions to reset your password.

I've entered my password wrong several times, and now it won't work. What should I do?
You will receive an email after 5 unsuccessful attempts. This will contain a link that will take you to the screen to request a new password. After filling in the required fields, you will receive another email containing a link that will allow you to reset your password.

How can I change my password?
When you are logged into AveraChart, you can change your password by clicking on the Preferences link at the bottom of the home page, and then the Change Password button at the right.

Technical Assistance

What should I do if I get a message to update my browser?

When using AveraChart, you may get a prompt to update your browser for optimal operation of AveraChart. Depending on the browser you like to use – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari – all you need to do is go to that respective website and click on the “download latest version” icon. You may need to restart your computer once you have updated.

I've been seen in multiple Avera locations and my records don't appear to be complete. What should I do?
Avera is made up of 5 different regions. It is possible that you have been seen in more than one region. If so, on your portal home page, under your name, a dropdown box will show a list of regions where you have been seen. You may need to select a different region to review your AveraChart information.

Who can I call if I need to speak with someone regarding technical assistance?
If the question or issue you have is not listed above, please call 1-855-667-9704 and ask for assistance with AveraChart. Support is available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am – 6:30 pm.


Can anyone else access my health record online?

Only you, your care team and any proxies that you designate are allowed to access your electronic medical record. No outside parties can access your information, including insurance companies, employers, government or school personnel. It is completely secure and confidential.

Is my information safe?
Yes. AveraChart passwords are encrypted and URLs are rewritten so that they cannot be copied and pasted. You and authorized family members are the only ones who can access your AveraChart information. Also, a timeout feature protects your information if you leave AveraChart open.

What can I do to keep my information safe?
Do not share your AveraChart logon ID or password with another person. This would allow that person to see your confidential medical record information. Using strong passwords will also lower the risk of a security breach. This includes having a longer password with a combination of numbers, lower-case letters, and upper-case letters. Using names of family members and the same password for multiple sites should be avoided.

After accessing AveraChart, is my information stored on my computer?
No. Your health record information is not stored on the web server or your computer. Your information is stored on Avera’s Electronic Medical Record file servers. This information resides within the organization’s firewall.

Are passwords encrypted?
Yes. All passwords are encrypted and completely secure.


How do I view my upcoming appointments?

Your next 3 appointments will show up on the home page of your patient portal. If you have additional appointments scheduled, click on the appointments icon on the home screen to view them. You will see a list of your upcoming or pending appointments. You can also click the Print button at the right to print this list.

How do I request an appointment through the portal?
Once you have logged into your portal, select the appointments icon on the home screen. From there you will click the “request appointment” button on the right side of the screen. After you have completed all of the required fields and submitted your appointment request, you should expect to hear from your clinic within 48 hours. Your clinic will contact you by phone or you will receive an email notification that an appointment has been scheduled.

How do I request my appointment dates be changed or canceled?
Please contact your care team.

Messaging Your Doctor

How do I message my provider and care team?

  • From the home page, click Messages. You will see a list of messages you have received. You can also click the link to view your Sent messages.
  • At the right, click on the box that says Send Message.
  • Select the health care provider you wish to message. Note: Not all providers are able to receive messages.
  • Type your message, and then Send.
  • When your provider responds, you will receive an email notification that you have new portal activity. When you log into the portal, you will see a “what’s new” section that will list any new activity on the portal. You can hover over the message and click on it when it turns green or to check for a reply, click the Messages icon from the home page.
  • With the mouse, hover over the message you’d like to view (it will turn green) and click once.
  • If you wish to reply, click on Reply at the right.

Prescription Renewals

How do I submit a prescription renewal request?

  • On the home page, click the Medications button.
  • With the mouse, hover over the medication you wish to renew (it will turn green) and click once.
  • You will get a screen with information about your medication and dosage.
  • To request a renewal, click the Renewal Request button at the right. Note: Not all prescriptions are able to be renewed.
  • You will be asked to confirm your pharmacy and contact information.
  • When everything is complete, click Submit.

Lab Results

How do I view my lab results?

  • On the home page, click the Health Record button.
  • At the right, click the Results button.
  • You will see a list of the most recent lab results.
  • To view and compare previous lab results, please click the name of the lab test.
  • You can click the Date or Test button to arrange the list by the date or the name of the test you received.
  • You will see your result, the normal range, and a “flag” if your result is high or low.

Health Record

What features are available on your Health Record page?

Your Health Summary gives portions of your medical record, including your contact information, medical history, names of your caregivers, tests, medical conditions, medical encounters , allergies and more. You can download or send your health summary. Also on the Health Record page:

  • You can view your allergies and conditions.
  • You can view a list of your medications (this information is also available on your Medications page).
  • You can view reports that are made available to you by your provider.
  • You can click Preventative Care to see tests, immunizations and measurements that are recommended for you.
  • You can read any letters that are made available to you by your provider.
  • You can view your visit history. With the mouse, hover on a visit date (it will turn green) and click. You will see the location of this visit, care instructions and names of your care team.

Hospital/Clinic Bill

Why doesn’t the balance in the Billing section match my most recent statement?

The portal balance is real time, and reflects the latest transactions posted. Statement balances may be less recent, and may not reflect new visits or payments that have been received.

Documents Section in Portal

Why are all of these documents showing up in my portal?
We made updates to how you access your electronic health information through AveraChart, Avera’s patient portal. These updates are part of the 21st Century Cures Act regulations. The Cures Act directs Avera’s care teams to post your health information from hospital stays and outpatient visits to the AveraChart patient portal in a timely manner. To learn more about this, review our information blocking resources.

What documents can I expect to see in the document section on the portal?
Please see the attached link to review items that could be part of the document section of your portal. If we have these on file, you will now be able to view them in this section.

Is this my entire medical record?
We continue to improve your access to more of your medical record, but there are still additional documents we are working on sending to the portal, and this may take additional time.

Avera continues to be able to release records to you as requested. If you wish to see specific documents that you are currently unable to see in your portal, sending a request to medical records in a visit/date format, with the all needed content, will allow Avera to provide this for you.

Medical Records Requests

How do I request copies of my medical records?

On your own, you can download or electronically send your health summary to whomever you wish. You can print out your downloaded copy. You can also print many lists and reports within AveraChart.

If you wish to have a copy of parts of your medical record that are not available in AveraChart, you should request it from your health care provider or clinic.

Update Email, Address, Phone or Incorrect Information

How can I change the e-mail address where portal notifications go?

You may change this under the Preferences link at the bottom of the home page.

I made edits to my profile, but nothing has changed. Why?

Edits you make in your profile are first reviewed by Avera Health Information Management (HIM) staff. Once staff have approved the edits, they will appear in your profile.

How do I view my personal information and request changes?
On the home page, click on Profile. You will see your personal information, your contacts, and the list of people who have access to your health information on AveraChart. To make changes, click on Update Profile at the right. You can also click Print to print your profile information.

How do I submit requests for changes to my medical record?
You can edit your personal profile information by clicking on Profile, and then click Update Profile at the right. If you wish to see changes in any other aspects of your medical record, your health care team must make these changes. Use the Messages feature to send a secure message to your health care team.