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Published on August 31, 2017

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Home Medical Equipment Facts to Help Your Family

The world of home medical equipment can seem confusing to families when they’re starting a journey with a loved one who needs a little assistance in their home.

Mark Bauer, a site manager with Avera Home Medical Equipment, said that his team is happy to share its knowledge and help people separate fables from fact.

“Home medical equipment is not just for older folks – in fact, many of the people we see in person are younger and have lots of questions about items that their parents or grandparents may need to be as comfortable and able at home as possible,” he said. “There have been tremendous changes in our industry in everything from home oxygen to daily living devices.”

Oxygen and Changes

Supplemental oxygen is one area where things have changed tremendously.

“The dinosaurs like the big heavy tanks and equipment are really gone, and people are pleasantly surprised when they see the choices they have for smaller, airline-approved portable oxygen concentrator equipment,” he said. “Today’s technology makes this aspect of home health care easier to use and transport and often features devices that allow for more freedom, regardless of the condition or need.”

People whose health requires the use of higher volumes of oxygen can get at-home concentrator systems that allow them to avoid repeated trips to get oxygen.

Sleep-related equipment also is an area that has seen a lot of growth in the last few years.

“More and more people are prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment for sleep therapy,” Bauer said. “Even in just five years, we have seen big changes. The masks are more comfortable, the cleaning equipment is easier to use and the machines themselves can provide heated, moisturized air. We have a lot of folks who really are amazed at the improvements.”

Comfort and Care

Adjustable beds and lift chairs can make huge differences for the people who need them. Having a bed that can elevate your head and feet, drop down to allow for easy in-and-out access – is huge, Bauer said.

“Many times people assume these beds will have an uncomfortable mattress, but the ones we offer have really made improvements in that area, and for people who need the assistance that comes with the side rails, there’s no substitute for an adjustable bed,” he said. “Lift chairs used to be cumbersome and somewhat unattractive in a living room, but the new ones – you would not even know it was a lift chair until you saw it in action.”

Home medical equipment is all about providing safety and comfort for people who need it.

“We do a lot of education in our conversations with people, so we are always looking to spell things out and answer your questions,” he said. “We’re on the same page as the people who come to our stores – we want to find win-win situations that allow people to be comfortable at home.”

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