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Published on May 31, 2018

Erin and Michael Rinehart

Boy or Girl? Decisions on Gender Revelation

By Erin Rinehart

While pregnant, I find myself in a constant state of anticipation. Finding out the sex was yet another thing to consider on this amazing change in our lives.

My husband, Michael, and I decided we wanted to know our baby’s gender. Just like most parents-to-be, we didn’t favor one gender over another; we just wanted our little peanut to be healthy.

However, knowing the baby’s gender would allow us to get ahead of the game and gain a sense of his or her identity before the big “birthday.” It helped us both – we’re both type-A personalities – better prepare.

Many moms-to-be jump on the gender-reveal train, and I was one of them. My pregnancy has been filled with celebrations, as my family and I have found every excuse to do. So throwing a gender-reveal party was a no-brainer for us.

My husband and I decided to find out before we shared the news with our families. Over dinner, he and I opened the congratulatory Avera Medical Group Maternal Fetal Medicine card we’d received, and then enjoyed a private celebration day, discussing names, making plans for decorations and dreaming about our new “normal.”

Later that weekend, we hosted a gender-reveal party at my parent’s home. My husband came up with a fun game: He put 25 fishing bobbers in a bucket, and just one of them had a colored fish tied to it. The plan was that each family member would pull a bobber and eventually, someone would “catch the fish” that would reveal the gender of baby-to-be.

As it happened, the game was short-lived. My dad, who was first in line, picked the bobber with the fish on the end, and Grandpa-to-be smiled broadly holding the bobber connected to a BLUE fish! Baby Rinehart is a boy. While the drama didn’t build too much, thanks to my dad’s good luck, we still enjoyed a lovely day, an array of brunch foods and all the fun a gender-party offers. It was a successful celebration.

If you’re thinking about throwing a gender-reveal party, consider these tips:

  • Arrange a “reveal prop” that can help all the guests get involved and feel engaged in the celebration.
  • Deciding “how” to reveal the baby’s gender can be challenging, but let your personality guide you. Make sure to incorporate your guests. You might have everyone bite into cupcakes with pink and blue icing, or take turns popping confetti-filled balloons or swatting at a piñata. The choices are many, but it’s always nice to have an “everyone’s included” focus – it shows your guests they’re a part of this important moment.
  • Select a menu that’s satisfying. The focus is on you and the new baby-to-be, but we all know that if you’re hosting a party, there should be yummy food. Brunch-style meals are great – brunch and babies go together – and you can mix breakfast casseroles like egg-bakes along with lunch meats and veggie trays. Muffins are always a hit, too.
  • Decorate the space. Your soon-to-be bundle of joy is cause for celebration, so outfit the space and dig into some thematic approaches – perhaps something you and your partner both find special – be it fishing and the outdoors or Star Wars – whatever theme sounds fun. You’ll be surprised how much decorating adds energy to the celebration.
  • Gratitude is gorgeous: Thank your guests for being a part of such a special occasion, and offer party favors – they’re a great way to show your appreciation. Something simple like a decorated cookie or a small prize they can take home will help show your gratitude and remind everyone that you might be the one giving birth, but everyone who came is an important part of the new baby’s life.

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