Play, Learn and Serve Together
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Published on June 29, 2018

family playing cards

Play, Learn and Serve Together

Family is the foundation of a society, and people around the world recognize that as families get stronger, they help their communities thrive. When families find ways to play, learn and serve as a unified group, they get stronger.

It sounds simple, but in our busy lives, it takes some work. Making time for play, learning and service will reap big benefits for your family.

Making It Fun With Games (And No Screens)

Playing together and doing activities together gives parents a chance to model the beliefs and values of their family. There’s a catch here: For quality family time, you must enforce a no screens/screens off rule. This will be extremely hard for many of us in our technology-addicted world. Children need to know that sometimes they come first, and that they are more important than social media, news and texting.

Set The Example With Learning

Parents must value education, and they must model this value. It could mean showing kids how to manage schoolwork as priority. It means having a quiet, calm place for reading and studying. It means limiting screen time. And it means seeking out and getting adequate sleep. Remember, when you model these approaches, kids notice. Set the example and kids will follow.

Giving Back As a Family

Finding ways to help others will benefit the whole family. When children are actively involved in service projects, they develop kindness and empathy, and they increase their own self-esteem. They experience the joy and good feeling that comes from helping others; you can have them help choose simple projects. Children love to “actually do” the work, so try making cards or activity bags for a children’s hospital, plan a family visit to a nursing home or enlist their help in doing a chore for an elderly neighbor.

In an increasingly negative world, creating a positive home will be more and more important for strong family foundations and for the well-being of our children.

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