Well Children Still Need Checkups and Immunizations
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Published on May 19, 2020

pediatrician gives young girl immunization

Well Children Still Need Checkups and Immunizations

Although parents may be hesitant to bring children in, pediatricians and family medicine physicians emphasize that kids still need their checkups and vaccinations.

“We have put many features in place to ensure safety,” said Avera Medical Group pediatrician Kara Bruning, MD. “It’s critical for kids to have those checks on growth and development from birth to age 2, along with the immunizations they need to be as healthy as possible.”

To make sure all kids who come to the clinic, Bruning said the following conditions are in place at her clinic, as well as most Avera facilities around the Midwest:

  • Clinics see “well” children and sick children at different times of day, with one group coming in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
  • Everyone who enters a clinic – from staff to parents to patients – is screened for signs of COVID-19.
  • Medical staff wear personal protective equipment, including masks and face shields.

“We also offer virtual visits, and we understand that moms and dads are cautious, we really do,” Bruning said. “But we don’t need to have a measles outbreak on top of what we’re already facing.”

The first two years of life include many milestones that providers can measure in person — safely. Those children — as well as kids of any age — are being seen in Avera clinics.

“We’re all learning the strengths of the virtual visit as well, and they can be really helpful to review a rash or in some cases, even a behavioral condition,” she said. “For those in-person care needs, we are still here, and ready to see you and your children.”

Moms and dads are encouraged to call before they go to a clinic, so that they can have an appointment scheduled during the appropriate part of the day. In some cases, the appointment can be set up virtually, too.

“The pandemic is a fluid situation, with many guidelines and protocols changing regularly, so please call us so we can get you in and see your child,” said Bruning. “We always want to see you and we can assure you that coming to the clinic will be safe.”

Learn more at Avera.org/shots.

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