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Published on April 09, 2021

young girl and pediatrician annual checkup

Well Children Still Need Checkups and Immunizations

Pediatricians and family medicine physicians emphasize that kids need those yearly checkups every year, as well as on-time vaccinations.

Any time is great for these timely checkups, but sooner is better, especially for children 11-12 who might need vaccines before middle school. You can beat the rush on sports physicals for high-schoolers now, too.

“After age 2, kids need checkups once a year, and since life can get busy, getting them on the schedule soon just makes sense,” said Avera Medical Group pediatrician Kara Bruning, MD. “Well children checkups can be a part of your routine, and can help kids stay healthy all year long.”

Bruning encourages all parents who might have "held off" to get children in now to see their providers.

"The pandemic altered almost everyone’s schedule, and that’s why getting ‘back to normal’ can include your child’s yearly checkup now," she said. "Regular – or at least annual – checkups can ensure better outcomes for kids, and they give parents peace of mind."

Timing of Exams and Shots

The first two years of life include many milestones that providers can measure in person.

“When you come in, we can make sure to cover any concerns, from looking at a rash, talking about a behavioral condition or just making sure everything’s going well,” Bruning said. “We can monitor overall health and make sure your kids are meeting all their developmental milestones.”

Scheduling appointments is easy; make yours today.

“The checkup can be a great place for moms and dads to ask questions, voice any concerns they have and get reassurance on their children. We can provide guidance for what you can expect in near future, too," she said.

Studies show checkups can also help kids become less nervous or anxious about being around the health care team. Learn more about how to manage your whole family's health — including shots for your children.

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