Treat Scars With Silicone For Best Results
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Published on November 29, 2018

incision with stitches

Treat Scars With Silicone For Best Results

There are plenty of drugstore products and commercial claims about treating the marks and scars of life.

Home remedies also abound – but there’s one approach that’s best – silicone – based on the evidence of scientific studies.

“There are vitamin E products, many different brands, but few studies to show they’re effective,” said Jenny Nelson, MD, Avera Medical Group dermatological surgeon. “Silicone is what I use when treating scars from skin cancer procedures. It’s a good, well-tested product and what I would recommend. Studies prove how effective it can be.”

Various Approaches, One Product

Nelson said silicone-based products to treat scars help to reduce their impact on the skin.

“Once the stitches come out, we encourage patients to apply it twice a day and continue doing so, morning and night, for about two months,” she said. “There are strips that are easy to use and work nicely on extremities. There’s also a gel that can be applied with a fingertip.”

Using silicone to treat scars can soften the skin; the softer skin will help the healing occur quickly. The benefits from the bandage or gel also last longer than some over-the-counter products that only contain vitamin E or moisturizers that are not silicone-based.

“Almost any cut can benefit from the use of these products, but we most commonly use them to treat incisions post-procedure,” Nelson said. “They are widely available and most people do not have any issues with silicone in terms of allergic reaction. People who have issues with elastic materials should use the gel and not the strips.”

Best Places For Use

Reducing the size and healing-time of a wound is an important part of recovery after an injury or incision.

“When we remove a skin-cancer lesion from the face or hands, this product is the best to reduce the duration of the injury and to reduce the chance of a less visible scar on the skin,” said Nelson. “Silicone can help and it’s easy to use. It’s not the best for keloid or scars that are widely spread, but for most other scars, especially on the visible parts of your body, use silicone. It’s what we use – and it’s tested – and it works.”

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