Reconnect to the World of Hearing
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Published on September 15, 2014

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Reconnect to the World of Hearing

Recent breakthroughs in hearing aid technology have our clinic staff bursting with excitement and optimism for the future of hearing loss treatment.

New technology is making it even easier for people with hearing loss to stay connected with family and friends by providing increased capability for users to quickly adapt to different environments. Hearing aid manufacturers, such as Starkey and Resound, now offer instruments that are made for the iPhone, also referred to as MFI. These devices are changing the image of life for people with hearing aids — and hopefully for the better.

Recent research has shown that only 20 percent of individuals in the United States who could benefit from hearing aids actually seek treatment (Amlani and Taylor, 2012). This number calculates out to nearly 25.7 million individuals who are choosing to live with their hearing loss instead of taking action (Kochkin et al., 2010). Just consider that research has shown several benefits to hearing aid use, including lower rates of depression, improved cognitive function and improved quality of life. The benefits of this new hearing aid technology can bring the acceptance of hearing aid use to a greater level and allow people with hearing loss to regain control of their social interactions.

About MFI Hearing Aids

The capabilities of MFI hearing instruments are widespread. Not only are individuals getting the most up-to-date computer chip with improved feedback control, noise reduction and microphone functionality, but use of downloadable apps allow users to make simple adjustments without making an appointment. This includes changing the volume or controlling the treble/bass ratio within a certain program. If a hearing instrument is lost, the user can use the “find my hearing aids” feature to locate the its last working position. The collaboration with the phone’s location services does not stop there. Users can make and save specific program settings for their favorite locations, and the system will automatically remember those adjustments for future visits.

Finally, users can take advantage of streaming audio from the individual’s phone directly to the hearing instruments.  Whether it would be a phone call or music, the connectivity between the smartphone and hearing instruments allows audio to be heard with both ears simultaneously. People with hearing loss who rely on lip-reading or speech reading can use live video chat apps such as FaceTime to take full advantage of all communication cues.

Our constantly evolving world is making it so much easier to stay socially connected to family and friends. Don’t let your hearing loss get in the way. It’s time to reconnect with the hearing world!

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