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Published on November 01, 2018

group of runners with a dog

Finding Time for Fitness During the Holidays

The holidays present challenges for fitness as additional commitments are added to calendars. Consider ways you can work in activity to maintain fitness and avoid weight gain during the holidays.

  • Live-streaming fitness classes: Online workouts aren’t new, but as the holidays approach people get more time-conscious, so cutting travel time to your workout destination makes sense. Search the Internet for options that meet your interests and goals.
  • Exercise with pets or family: Whether it's going for a run with your four-legged friend or finding activities that can be done as a family, combining your two loves — exercise and spending time with your family, (furry or not) — can be a daily activity that is fun and keeps you moving. Here are some home workouts you can do with your family.
  • Fitness technology: The wearable trend continues; wrist, ankle and waist-worn instruments or other devices can keep you accountable to a minimum number of steps or being active each hour. The more information you have, the more accountable you can be for making your goals.
  • Breaks: Use part of your break to get up and move. Whether it is a brisk walk, desk exercises, stretches or a workout band, find something that will work for you in your work environment.

Make a decision and set a goal to keep active during the holidays. Doing so can help you decrease stress, minimize weight gain and give you the extra energy you need to help you through the holidays.

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