Published on June 25, 2021

I need care! Where do I go?

I Need Care! Where Do I Go?

When you need to see a provider it can be a delicate balance of getting the care you need without paying more than you have to. Use this visual guide to help make the right decision for you.

But first, here are a few more tips to make a surprise visit go more smoothly.

  1. Always keep your health insurance member ID and flexible spending cards with you, including for vacations or work travel. If you need to seek emergency or urgent care outside your network you’ll also want to notify your insurance plan.
  2. If your sickness is routine, such as pink eye, think about a virtual visit. These don’t need to be scheduled and can get you the prescription you need faster with the same quality care you get at a clinic.
  3. Before you head to the doctor, make sure you choose an in-network provider or you’ll pay more out of pocket. Avera Health Plans members can log in to their member portal. Always know where nearby in-network urgent care and emergency room options are.
  4. Sometimes you just don’t know. Many health systems and insurance providers have nurse helplines to answer these types of questions.
  5. You also can call the free Avera Medical Call Center at 877-282-8372.

I need care! Where do I go?

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